WWE Triple H – Thy Kingdom Come DVD Review

HHHAs mentioned in our recent Goldberg DVD review, the disappointment of not having the man himself involved was substantial. With this week’s release, Triple H – Thy Kingdom Come, you certainly don’t have to worry about such problems. The now COO of the WWE has clearly had a hands-on approach to this release and thankfully it results in one of the most fascinating and entertaining DVDs that WWE have ever produced.

If you are a fan of the current product you’ll know that HHH is currently embroiled in a feud with fan favourite Daniel Bryan, not seeing him as the ‘face of the WWE‘ and instead wanting to do ‘what’s best for business.’ On numerous occasions Bryan has referred to the fact that HHH hasn’t always been a corporate stooge, instead often being the one to rip up the rule book and be ruthless with his opponents. Not only was HHH a menace in the ring physically but he trailblazed his way through the industry as part of DX with Shawn Michaels and made the Attitude Era what it was. This set is the perfect reminder of everything HHH has done in his career and why his matches with The Undertaker at recent Wrestlemanias truly were between two icons of the business.

The input from those in the industry is phenomenal on the documentary portion. Everyone who you would hope to hear from is involved, from the McMahons to Shawn Michaels to Kevin Nash right through to the modern day superstars who look up to HHH as an inspiration. While there might be a few time jumps and certain things skipped over, on the whole it’s a great documentary to establish just how far Paul went to become HHH in the first place. It certainly wasn’t overnight and it’s amusing to see a rookie in WCW compared to the powerhouse of today. If you’re a long term wrestling fan you’ll be familiar with a lot of the stories, but there’s the occasional gem that has never been heard before, such as Evolution’s original plans not involving Batista.

Yes, the majority of DX’s history had been replayed untold times on Raw much like Steve Austin’s best moments, but they remain entertaining today. HHH’s rise through the company took a more traditional route than many, through the IC title and King of the Ring before finally getting his hands on the biggest prize in the industry. It’s a journey that often doesn’t happen these days as attention spans are shorter, but there’s a reason he feuded with The Rock at a lower level and they are now both legends. It’s a tried and tested formula that builds belief in a talent, and one that would work well today if the mid-card titles were built up again.

As you would expect, there is some insight into Paul’s relationship with Stephanie and they seem genuinely in love and happy. It’s nice to get a more personal touch to those on-screen characters you love to hate. The same goes for HHH’s return from a quad tear at Madison Square Garden, one of the biggest crowd reactions you’ll ever see. While emotional by itself, to hear from HHH on his struggles just amplifies how amazing it was to see him step foot in the squared circle again. More than anything, this release shows the love and passion he has for the business, not only performing for everyone but now working behind the scenes as well. He clearly enjoys every moment and always wants to put on the best show he can.


The Rock, Steve Austin, Mick Foley, Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, John Cena, Randy Orton… the list goes on of who HHH has worked with over the years. It’s quite easy to forget where he came from and the effort put in to become a sure thing for the Hall of Fame. This isn’t a guy who just came in and married the boss’ daughter, but one who worked his behind off every night in the ring and just so happened to luck out and meet his dream girl along the way. The future of the business looks to be in great shape with HHH handling things, from NXT to the new Performance Centre, there is a real focus on upcoming talent and finding the next breakout superstar. HHH certainly isn’t taking it easy now he’s not a full time wrestler, and he needs to be the Cerebral Assassin in a totally different way now.

Triple H – Thy Kingdom Come is up there as one of the best wrestling DVDs ever produced. It’s not perfect and some things aren’t covered, but on the whole there’s a depth and insight here rarely found in superstar documentaries. There’s a real honesty about the good and bad in HHH’s career and a surprisingly humble man behind The Game. There are two discs of matches as well, featuring some classic bouts against Kurt Angle, The Rock and RVD to name a few, as well as work with his mentor Ric Flair and best friend Shawn Michaels. As there have been a number of HHH DVDs before, this set is certainly more about the insight than the matches themselves, and the documentary portion alone makes it worth picking up. If you want even more then pick up the Blu-ray release for some extra matches and segments. Either way this is not a release you want to miss.

Triple H – Thy Kingdom Come is available now on DVD and Blu-ray from WWE Home Video UK and can be purchased HERE.

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