Create Your Own TV Drama – Hawaii Five-0 Writers Hand-Over To Their Audience


In a move that could make television history by combining interactive reality TV formats with scripted serial drama, the team behind US crime series Hawaii Five-0 have announced that they’ll be handing over control of one full, hour-long story to their audience.

The announcement follows the success of a similar stunt which took place earlier this year, where viewers were given a choice of possible endings for a set story. This time, however, fans will be voting on how a whole episode will pan out, beginning with key plot points such as crime, victim and suspects. Writers will then work up a script based on the results of the poll, and viewers will later be asked for their input into more incidental aspects of the show such as wardrobe, props and music.

Production of the episode in question will begin in February. Below is a list of the categories and options for the ballot:

• Chin Ho’s High School Reunion
• Volcano
• Skydiving Lesson
• Motocross Race
• Luau
• Helicopter Tour
• Yoga Retreat

Hawaii-Five-0-hawaii-five-0-2010-32299373-1281-2048THE VICTIM:
• Ancient Hawaiian Healer
• Celebrity Matchmaker
• Female Golf Pro
• Cabana Boy
• Astronaut
• Sumo Wrestler
• Macadamia Nut Tycoon

• Five Inch Stiletto
• Flame Thrower
• Poisoned Jacuzzi
• Snow Shovel
• Poisonous Toad
• Tiki Torch
• Spear Gun

• Body Drained of Blood
• Jelly Fish
• Kitty Litter
• Toy Rocket
• A Missing Eyeball
• Sumatran Tiger
• A Bag of Teeth

hawaii-five-0THE SUSPECT:
• Hula Dancer
• Spring Breaker
• Synchronized Swimmer
• Aging Rockstar
• Personal Chef
• Race Car Driver
• Struggling Illusionist

• Sniper Hunter Robot
• Rappelling
• Scuba Diving
• ATV Chase
• Giant Maze
• Base Jumping
• Spelunking

What are your thoughts on this audience-led format? Is it a step too far or an exciting new direction for TV drama? And will you be voting in the poll? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Deadline

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