EuroCosplay October 2013 winners (Updated)


This time EuroCosplay saw a total of 42 contestants all competing for the title of EuroCosplay Champion for 2013. The previous winner last year hailed from the Netherlands. Could they keep their crown? 

The competition was judged by Cathy of God Save the Queen Fashion, former World Cosplay Summit winner Psyposer, and Matt from Black Tie F/X.

IMG_9804 (2)Before narrowing it down to the top three, each judge also picked a personal favourite. 

Cathy picked Hiron from Finland, who cosplayed Amira Halgal from Otoyomegatari. “The embroidery on this dress was incredible,” said Cathy.

Psyposer picked Cassidy from Hungary, who cosplayed as Elyos Chanter from Aion: The Tower of Eternity.

Matt picked Dulcinea from Lithuania, who cosplayed Dranei Paladin from World of Warcraft, describing how her costume had “amazing craftsmanship and a good display of make-up.”

It then came down to the final three. Describing it as “quite possibly one of the most bizarre judging experiences we’ve ever had,” Cathy explained how “a lot of the contestants were really within a point or two from each other. It’s a really difficult decision because everyone really did an amazing job.”

“I’d just like to say that all the contestants that came out this weekend did an amazing job,” said Matt. “It was very, very hard to pick winners. We hope next year it’s bigger and better.”

The judges decided that their winner for 2013 was… Netherlands – Iloon – Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist. “Everything about this outfit just blew us all away,” said Cathy.

The runner up in second place was… Poland – Zula – Spider Splicer from Bioshock.

Finally in third was… Italy – Sara – Toothiana – Rise of the Guardians.

Be sure to check for the full gallery on the MCM Buzz Facebook page. And for those of you that did see the show (or even viewed the pictures), then hopefully it will inspire you to think about taking part next year.


Photos by John Shek.



  1. Speechless says:

    With a maximum of 20% for performance, I am really disappointed with the choice of 1st place. So many people put so much time and effort into their costumes. I’m really disappointed, along with many others. Congratulations to Poland and Italy.

    • speechless x2 says:

      Have to agree with you there… Ukraine, Russia, Italy had such great costumes…. how the heck does this judging system work!??!

      • Speechless says:

        I couldn’t tell you. I was really surprised by this, and cannot understand where the judging was going. In the rules it said 40% for construction, 40% for accuracy and 20% for performance. It sucks that someone with skill who isn’t particularly social or into performing has to compete against someone who is, regardless of the difficulty of techniques used to construct a costume, and how alike it looks to the real thing.
        Personally, I think a grave error in judgement was made here. And I hope it wasn’t made because it was the cosplayers birthday. I have viewed her previous costumes which are great and she is talented, but this one in particular was not up to standard.

    • TheChrisD says:

      To further drive home your point, some of the judging criteria say that high marks are generally only given to “ambitious” costumes.

      With the increasing presence of armour-based costumes, perhaps it is time the judging criteria were amended with a multiplier based on the overall size, complexity and awe of the costume – similar to say, a diving contest – wherein more complex costumes will get higher marks for their efforts, allowing someone with a 90% perfect armour-based costume be equal in points to a 100% perfect non-armour-based costume.

      That said, we could all have to eat our words once the complete rankings and final points breakdown is published.

      • Speechless says:

        I agree. I still don’t understand how even within the cloth armor that this one. There was some fabulous costumes that looked incredibly difficult to make that was pulled off great. And yes, this definitely wasn’t an ambitious project. I agree with you that armour and cloth should be in two separate groups if this is how the judging is going to work. Like I said it a different comment, I agree that the whole performance part is unfair for those uncomfortable with doing that. I also think it should be based on the costume as a whole, difficulty, complexness, effort, and especially awe. I know when Cassopea came out people thought she looked so awesome, and when the monster hunter armour came out, people thought it looked amazing, but neither of them placed anywhere because they didn’t really know how to perform? I don’t know, I want to see the marks.

        • Ivan Todorov Dimitrov says:

          A lot of the contestants had no idea what to do on stage. In my book that is a big minus. You CAN ruin your entire cosplay with bad performance and by breaking the character/ not giving enough depth to the personality. Yes, some characterd DO have personality. And I think that a 100% perfect complex cloth costume DOES beat 90% perfect armor. Competition is, for now, mostly for visual resemblance, craftsmanship and finish.

          • Eve says:

            Just one remark about the judging: we only get to see the costumes from afar. The judges see it up close and get to see the parts that are not finished, lose threads, bad craftsmanship and so on.

            I remember that there was a lot of complaints about Skullkid from last year too. I saw that one up close and she even had hand sewed tiny scales the size of fingernails onto her thin pantyhose! It looked incredible up close! But these details fall away when you are further away.

            I think it is things like these that make the difference. And costumes that make one gasp in awe are great to see, but usually those have small details that are very difficult to replicate and thus will get lower points.

          • Ivan Todorov Dimitrov says:

            Yes, that is why I took my criticism back last year. And I asked a few times to get better photos of the 2013 winner 🙂

  2. miranu says:

    Pretty much fail… 1st and the 2nd place was not deserved… (no matter what we see) the 3rd.. meh seen better, but okay. EC sucks… this was the last time I watched it.. with crappy lags on a non-working livestream. Honestly, even the three cosplayers who won special awards were better..

  3. Hungarian says:

    It’s Hungary, not Hungry!

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