Disguises, Surprises and Cross-Over Ideas – Lost Girl Panel at MCM London Comic Con

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After running for three hugely successful series on Syfy, Canadian supernatural crime drama Lost Girl will be entering its fourth season next year. Three of the show’s actors, Emmanuelle Vaugier, Ksenia Solo and Rachel Skarsten (who play, respectively, Evony Fleurette Marquise, Kenzi and Tamsin), along with Executive Producer and developer Jay Firestone, came to MCM London Comic Con to talk about their work.

To get things started, the panel were asked how they’d found coming to London and meeting their UK fans. Instantly, Rachel Skarsten’s eyes lit up.

“Bloody brilliant!” she said, laughing and explained that she’d been trying to learn some English phrases, practising her accent by copying people on the tube.

The first audience member to speak up commented on how Lost Girl invests a lot of time in exploring friendship between female characters. Even today, this is still relatively unusual, so the panel were asked about which other TV shows they thought portrayed female friendship well. Orange is the New Black and New Girl were volunteered by Emmanuelle and Ksenia. Rachel, on the other hand, looked for an excuse to talk about her favourite television series, The Walking Dead.

“Female zombies can be friends,” she insisted.

Picking up on the comic aspects of the show, particularly Kenzi’s propensity to rattle off one-liners, another audience member asked about where these had come from and whether the panelists had any one-liners of their own to share.

Lost Girl Panel_MG_7846“My one-liner is ‘Get out of my office now!’” Jay joked, before going on to describe how Kenzi’s one-liners really came about by accident, after they’d tried to think up a good line for her to deliver in a specific scene. The jokes just happened to suit the character so well that they stuck.

Next, the panel were asked who they would like to see put in a guest appearance on the show. While Ksenia felt that Adam Driver from HBO’s Girls would make a great fae, Vaugier optimistically hoped that someone might be able to persuade Johnny Depp to join them – maybe as a long-lost relative to one of the characters. Failing that, she suggested Marilyn Manson, but Jay immediately dismissed this idea, telling a story about how Manson had let them down because he was too busy getting a tattoo done with, funnily enough, Johnny Depp…..believe it or not at your own discretion.

In a similar vein, the next question was about which other shows they’d like to do a Lost Girl cross-over with. Naturally, Rachel chose The Walking Dead:

“I need to be a zombie!” she cried, before launching into her best undead impersonation.

Ksenia chose Homeland, on the grounds that she’d love to see the US government full of faes, while Emmanuelle would like to see them all taken back in time in a Downton Abbey crossover. Still more unlikely was Jay’s own suggestion:

“I just want Iron Man to show up. I just wanna be Iron Man. I can’t exaggerate that.”

Next up was a question directed to Ksenia about the supernatural powers possessed by the fae. Since Kenzi misses out on these as a human character, what fae power would she like to have, given the choice? High-mindedly, Ksenia initially opted for the power to stop war.

“For Kenzi, it would have to be something noble like that,” she said, thoughtfully, before adding, “or something related to food!”

lostgirlAs well as her one-liners, Kenzi is also known for her many disguises. Asked about her favourite of these, Ksenia replied that she’d loved playing the Shaman in a long blonde wig in Season 1’s ArachnoFaebia episode.

Returning to the rest of the panel, one fan asked whether they had any funny stories from on set.

Kris [Holden-Reid, who plays Dyson] and I just spill food on ourselves all the time,” said Rachel. “It’s become a bit of a problem.”

Ksenia, meanwhile, spoke more generally about how they often laugh all day about “so many little things.”

“It gets worse at the end of the day when everyone’s tired,” Emmanuelle continued, describing regular fits of the giggles at about three o’ clock in the morning.

Anna [Silk, who plays Bo Dennis] is the worst!” Rachel added.

The actresses were then asked about whether they had done any good ad-libs in the show. Ksenia was sure that she had, but couldn’t remember any off the top of her head. According to Jay, however, most of the ad-libbing in Lost Girl comes from Vex.

The character of Kenzi is a mysterious one, with a pretty obscure past. One audience member was curious to know whether we expect to see any of our questions about her answered in Season Four.

“Yes,” Ksenia began, treading carefully. “We learn some things about her past…..and that’s really all I can say.”

“I call it ‘The Season of Discovery’,” said Jay, mysteriously.

But according to Ksenia, it’s not just straightforward answers we can expect from Season Four – there’ll also be a lot of surprises. Asked what she’d been most shocked by when reading over her scripts, she described this coming series as the most shocking so far.

“They never know things too far in advance,” said Jay. “We like to surprise them.”

Rachel, on the other hand, spoke about the moment when she learned that Dyson and Tamsin were going to drive off a cliff. After hearing this, she told Kris that his character was going to die, leading him to call Jay up in a panic.

“He asked me if [Dyson] was going to be brought back because he had just bought a new house,” Jay chuckled.

Next, the actors were asked what were their favourite things about playing their characters.

“I love being able to say things that I would never normally say,” Emmanuelle replied. “I get to be really mean!”

lostgirl2“I enjoy Kenzi’s fashion sense,” said Ksenia. “And her sense of humour,” she added.

“I just love what a little sh*t Tamsin is!” said Rachel, rather more bluntly.

But however awful Tamsin may be sometimes, she’s nevertheless a complex character.

“I love her vulnerability, her guardedness,” Rachel said, in response to a later question. “And her sense of humour.” Recognising that there’s a kind of sadness to Tamsin, who never seems to be really content, she went on, “I’d like to explore Tamsin’s heart a bit more and find out what makes her happy.”

Asked who their favourite love interests in the show were, both Ksenia and Emmanuelle declared themselves “Team Dyson”. A show of hands revealed the audience to be in accord.

Outside of the world of Lost Girl, the actresses were asked whether they find it weird to watch themselves on screen. The answer was a resounding “yes”.

“It’s like looking at yourself in a mirror,” said Rachel. “You’re always your own biggest critic.”

“Or like hearing a recording of your own voice,” Ksenia went on. “It’s never quite how you imagined it to be.”

The final question was about how the panelists had found themselves working in acting and producing. For both Rachel and Jay, it seems it was a kind of lucky accident. For Emmanuelle, it was a chance to do everything: instead of choosing whether to be a doctor, or a lawyer, or anything else, she eventually realised she could just play them all on TV. Ksenia, meanwhile, grew up in a family of actors and dancers, and has known what she wanted to do for as long as she can remember.

“There were no other options for me,” she said.

Season Four of Lost Girl will be broadcast on Syfy next year.


Photographs by Kay Ibrahim.



  1. Aurora says:

    I’m always going to be #TeamLauren and a #Doccubus fan. Just saying.

  2. DrBait says:

    Thank you straight lady actors, for explaining to me why I should never ever get my hopes up over something different. #Lauren4ever #Idon’tcareaboutmajorities #Shesamazing #Iwillgodownwiththischaracter #InherentChallenge=AWESOMESTORY #HopelessDiehardRomanticLunatic

    • Brian Donovan says:

      What matter is what fans want. And a lot of people want Doccubus. In convention not all the fans can be there but the mayority has connection to internet and are present with opinion or polls.

      • Lostgirlfan says:

        Really the writer of this article just explained that the audience seems to back up Kesenia and Emmanule when they said that they supported Team Dyson so clearly you are under the grand delusion that most people want doccubus? Besides I suppose it doesn’t really matter anyways because Jay and Emily and Anna Silk has already told all of us the the triangle will never go away. Clearly it seems that they are going to do things their way, and not the way that doccubus
        drones want it.If you don’t like that then by all means stop watching the show then cuz you all aren’t really fans of the show anyways.

        • Brian Donovan says:

          For that reason, read well what I wrote. Not every fan of the show can be in a con but the most of fans are present in internet. In fan expo canada Lauren won but not for that I said doccubus is mayority only see internet and you can see it.

        • DrBait says:

          Love Lauren. Am a fan of the show. DIslike the Team stuff. Hurts everyone. So please don’t add to it. We’re not drones. We just love the understated doctor. Namecalling seems a bit petty.

        • Andrew says:

          LostGirlfan you are free to think what you want but don’t be offensive please because we that you don’t defend whatever your ship is. Enjoy your ship and let doccubus fans be happy with their couple. You can’t change the thing and we can’t change the things. I agree what Brian said about the fans are present in internet all people can’t be in the cons. I’m from USA but for my job can’t be in all the cons of the show but I’m Team Lost Girl and I love Lauren like a love interest for Bo. But enjoy your ship and be happy.

  3. Rob says:

    Bo and Lauren is the true love story in this show. I think people are just “programmed” to think a same-sex couple is not legitimate.

  4. Brian Donovan says:

    I’m man but I always be Team Lauren. Their relationship in my opinion is more more deeper than Bo and Dyson.And is unique, Bo and Dyson the mayority of serie has couples like them.

  5. LostgirlFan says:

    @Rob just because the other fans of the show don’t like doccubus doesn’t mean they think same sex couples are not legitimate. I am pretty sure the Valkubus fans would disagree with you so you have a very flimsy argument TRY AGAIN!.
    @DrBait it’s not the staight ladies job to do a damn thing for you. They are actors they act so please just get over yourself! They have a right to their opinion you are just pissed that their opinion doesn’t match yours.
    @Aurora no one says that you can’t be a doccubus fan or team Lauren. It’s not Jay or Emily’s or the writers problem just because you are just a Lauren fan and not a real fan of the show. If you were a REAL fan then you would support the show reguardless.
    @ All Doccubus fans so this is why all the other ships of Lost Girl really don’t like you people. Your sense of entitlement is completely and utterly nausiating to the rest of us. For some reason you feel that Jay and his team owe you a freaking thing and they don’t. All they owe us all are really greats episodes with character development, great story Arcs, and hopefully decent writing for each character. They never promised you doccubus people a damn thing. They didn’t ask you people to go and try and manipulate and do what ever you have to do to win all those idiotic polls that clearly don’t mean a damn thing. So once again thanks for showing your lack of support for the show.

    • Brian Donovan says:

      I agree with you about the quality of the story. We need good stroylines and developments with characters. But say that doccubus fans manipulate people? Come on, people vote what they want we are not forced them. The polls can be idiot in your opinion, but for the show clearly not. They post in their facebook page and twitter for voting and people vote and in prodigy pictures website you can see the news about the polls and winning things. Polls (not only couples polls) bring some popularity of the show. CNN channel chose this year Bo and Lauren in Number nine the best couples of all the time. That wasn’t a poll, doccubus fans don’t vote in that. That was CNN who made that ranking.and this too http://www.sheknows.com/entertainment/articles/1017333/cutest-tv-couples

    • DrBait says:

      I’m over myself, the question is… do they, as cast members, get why this kind of thing sucks for their audience? They should consider the ramifications as professional actors of an ongoing show still in the middle of their opus. Anna Silk maintains the courtesy of withholding a public choice. She’s classy. This? This just feeds into the problems built into a show trying to put an f/f relationship romantically on par with a m/f one. It’s political ramifications are huge.

  6. kate padilla says:

    i really love all the characters but still team kenzi =)

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