Talking Troubles, Pranks and What is to Come with Emily Rose and Lucas Bryant of Haven


Since Haven first began in 2010 it has gone from strength to strength, and with Season Four having just begun, MCM welcomed stars of the show Lucas Bryant and Emily Rose. We were given some time to chat with them about behind the screen pranks, rituals and all things Haven.

Q: We are currently on Season Four, and all seems to be going well. So what is the news for a fifth season?

LUCAS: Well… tell them Emily. Emily makes all the decisions. She is the real boss.

EMILY: Yep. I am the woman behind the curtain, behind the curtain.

LUCAS: We are as hopeful as ever, thankfully our numbers have been strong and so from behind my desk…

EMILY: You have a desk?

LUCAS: …where I never actually sit, I don’t see any reason why we wouldn’t continue, but as we know, these things can change for no particular reason at any moment. So, this is why we have been really pushing, to try and get people to watch live these days, to keep those ratings up and pound Syfy and whoever else, to keep Haven on the air.

EMILY: We’re in a really cool age of television, with the Internet, because fans really make a difference. In the past, fans were fantastic, but this is the first generation of TV watchers where their presence as a fan base can really make an impact on a network. We’ve seen that with shows being brought back, because fans have really harassed networks, to now where an Internet presence of a fan base really speaks volumes. We’re excited to be here at MCM Comic Con, and there are tons of fans, but we would love to get the message out there that if our fans are vocal and tell the network that they want us to come back, and they spread the word, check in on Get Glue when they’re watching the series, or talking about it with each other, trend the topic on Twitter, or any of those things, it really makes a difference.

We get emails regularly saying, “We trended this,” and it really does make a difference. Our fans make a difference on whether or not we come back, so in that way if they think, “Oh it’s fine, Haven’s coming back,” but don’t be as vocal, that could sometimes have an effect too. So, we say, even though we are pretty confident that we are coming back, make sure that that happens. We’d love for the word to get out, that they want us back.

Q: Are there any rituals, prank wise when a new cast member joins the team?

EMILY: Our ritual consists of coming into the trailer every morning, and just going at it.

(Lucas looks at her with a comedic look on his face, and everyone erupts into laughter)

EMILY: I of course mean, verbally going at it. Just downloading about everything in life.

(Lucas mimes kissing)

EMILY: Inevitably, I would say the ritual is, a new cast member comes in and whatever our energy is, as a cast in the morning , we just attack that person, with that energy, whether they like it or not.

LUCAS: Yup, they get dumped on.

EMILY: They come into the trailer, and if we’re in the best, most hyper mood ever, then they are just going to get that full force. The boys will just start hugging on them repeatedly.

LUCAS: We are pretty immediately welcoming, maybe overwhelmingly so.

EMILY: Yeah, I think people get overwhelmed.

LUCAS: They begin to wonder what they got themselves into. Thankfully they grow to enjoy us.

EMILY: We film on what feels like the edge of nowhere, not that Nova Scotia is nowhere, but it feels like that sometimes. Whenever anyone comes in from the outside we are like, “Hellooo, tell us of the food you have eaten in the faraway lands. What is it like out there? What news do you bring?”

Q: You really are like a small little town yourselves.

LUCAS: Oh, absolutely and they are usually coming from somewhere relatively far away, so there’s the culture shock of being in this little world that we shoot in…

EMILY: Ooh, I have a story about that.

LUCAS: Go on then.

EMILY: No, I’ll tell you latter, I don’t want to interrupt you. I just keep on talking.

LUCAS: No go ahead it’s… I was just going to… go ahead Emily. Emily has a story everyone.

EMILY: It’s about another Syfy person, Colin Ferguson from Eureka. I have done many an event with Colin and I tell him all the time, “Yes, we film in a very small town in the middle of nowhere,” and he would always be, “Ahhh” (pats LUCAS on the shoulder). He came to join us [on Season Four], and the first email, which soon turned into a phone call, he said to me, “I don’t know where I am, I’m literally in the middle of nowhere, and I just don’t know where I am.” I just started laughing at him, because he has given me such a hard time, for so long (puts on her sarcastic Colin voice), “Oh yeah, it’s hard filming on location.”

LUCAS: (joins the Colin impression) “You only have one restaurant.”

EMILY: He woke up and was like (Colin voice), “You guys only have one restaurant.” Yes Colin, we know, welcome to Haven.

Q: How much fun have you had playing Lexie and Audrey this season? And Lucas, how does it feel to have a new person in William come into that relationship between Nathan and Audrey?

LUCAS: I don’t want to talk about it. I guess it’s good for Nathan to have someone to… hmm, I guess I can’t give that away yet, but it is good for him to have other characters involved in his tiny little world, and in the same way for me, as Lucas, it’s really nice to have Colin around. He is a great guy and a pleasure to have on set; a total ass and a lot of fun.

EMILY: It’s been a lot of fun playing L-uadrey, well not so much L-audrey actually, L-audrey drives me nuts and that is to say, when the two are going this way and that. I fought pretty hard throughout the season to really clearly say, “Who is this right now, and who is this right now? Are we going to make it clear to the fans?”

For the first four episodes, it was really fun playing Lexie, especially in episode five, when Lexie comes into Haven, and it was directed by a great new director that we have this year; Rick Bota, and we just had a lot of fun because he would just pull me aside and say, “Let’s do something fun with Lexie. How can she get on Nathan’s nerves?” So that was fun for me.

LUCAS: Emily is like (puts on a coy Emily voice), “I have an idea.”

EMILY: I would try and get into his personal space. He is dealing with the fact that Audrey’s around, but she’s not around, and so the comedic side of Lexie was really fun to play. I would just try things, and instead of people saying, “Oh no, take it down a notch,” they’d say “Great.” I could just be bigger and more out there. But it is a little tricky finding my way back to Audrey, because I feel like she has Lexie so much on top of her now in so many ways. I tried to add so many layers to Lexie, that as Audrey begins to be reintroduced to Haven, some of those things come off, like her nose rings, or her hair, the different types of clothes that you see her blend back in to…

LUCAS: Her hair falls off in the next episode.

EMILY: Yep, it’s a Trouble.

Q: I believe you fought for that nose ring.

EMILY: I did and I won.

LUCAS: Tell them about… (whispers to Emily).

EMILY: It was funny coming back. First of all I had just had a baby six weeks prior, so I think everybody was sort of… concerned – “Erm… we have no clue what she is going to look like, once she’s had this baby, so what are we going to do character wise?” So it was fun to play Lexie and have a completely different look.

Our main offices are in LA, we also have some offices in Toronto and we shoot in Nova Scotia. So our production… network… studio… all that is sort of spread out across the continent, so I don’t exactly get to see everyone before we start shooting. We were starting up Season Four, and they were developing the look for Lexie. We tried on a bunch of wardrobe, went through hair and makeup, came up with some photos that we thought looked really good, and sent them off. Everyone one was like, “Awesome, looks fantastic. Now we just want to see it on Emily.” And they said, “It is Emily.” And they were, “Wait a second, no way,” which was such a compliment to the transformation that had happened, but it was also a little disconcerting, you know, “You don’t know who I am?” But it was cool to have created an entirely new look and to be so disguised. As an actor that’s one of my favourite things, not to trick people, but to try and pull them into a story. To know that we had done that with our own people was exciting.

I did fight for the nose ring though. There was this little character I played when I got my Taft-Hartley, and she was a low rent, bartender, and she had really short blonde hair, a nose ring and I really liked her, and never felt that I got to play her. So when they pitched this character to me and said, “We want something very distinct, when you look at these people, or see snapshots of each of these characters from Audrey’s life, you want to know, that that’s her.” The nose ring was something that I thought people would like, and I just kept fighting and eventually they let it through, just to see what the network thought, and the network loved it, and I got to keep it.

Q: The show is obviously based on a Stephen King novel. Has he had any input toward the show? Has he watched it? Or has he kept himself distanced?

EMILY: I don’t know if he watches.

LUCAS: We know that Sam (Ernst) and Jim (Dunn), the creators of the show got a lovely message from him when they started, with his best wishes, congratulations, and support, which meant a lot to them, as they are huge fans of his. He has let them do with his material whatever they would. We have been trying to get him in to do a cameo. Perpetually there is an open invitation, which would be very cool, but he doesn’t really have an on-going relationship with how the show is progressing.

EMILY: I don’t think he Tweets either, so I don’t really know how to get in contact with him.

Q: Is this why we get so many intertextual references to his universe? Is it because they have that sort of licence to play with his world?

LUCAS: I think so yeah, and just because they are huge fans, and we have another bunch of huge fans in the writers room. I think the Stephen King Easter eggs now are mostly Nick (Parker) and Brian (Millikin)’s doing, right?

EMILY: It’s a spin-off from the world of Stephen King and so we have his blessing and we do realise that we mention him quite frequently in reference to the show. You want to do him justice, and we have a large fan base of people who love his work, so it’s kind of a fan added bonus for people who really read all of his literature and be able to go through and note everything.

LUCAS: There’s so much stuff in there, and there are so many parallels from very obvious ones to completely theoretical parallels that I couldn’t even begin to talk about, because I don’t have a clue. He has got so much material out there that his real fans, the big fans, can have a lot of fun mining Haven for that stuff.

Q: Emily, when Lucas and the guys were here last winter, they mentioned that you had a bit of a tough time on set, being surrounded by a bunch of guys, who love childish jokes. I just wondered, how tough is it really?

EMILY: Yeah, I’m in therapy. (Looks to Lucas) What did you say?

LUCAS: Errrm…

Q: I believe they mentioned that you finally made your first dirty joke last season.

LUCAS: Oh yeah, that’s right. We said that you were basically ‘the girl’ surrounded by a bunch of guys who enjoy making juvenile jokes, and that you had come a long way, and that last year…

EMILY: I had begun to join in, and talk like the natives…

LUCAS: …yes, you had come a long way in degressing [to our level].

EMILY: The thing is, I like to keep a low profile on set; I’m an observer. There are a lot of things that I could say, and should say…

LUCAS: That is not true at all.

EMILY: You have no idea. I do totally enjoy shock factor, but in reverse. The boys, especially Eric (Balfour), like to shock me with stuff, and see how I am going to react, and I like the reverse shock factor, which is just keeping it low for a very long time, and then sending out a zinger, which leaves them stunned.

LUCAS: The long con.

EMILY: Yes, the very long con.

LUCAS: Three years it took, and she nailed him, and his head exploded.

EMILY: It’s pretty awesome. I made a joke recently about how I just spend my days on set shaking my head. I consider myself a refuge for the outsiders that come in, and get berated by the energy. I’m like, “If you want to join in, feel free, but if you want a place to call home, come over and hang out.” We really have a good time.

LUCAS: It’s not a very academic kind of place to work. Although we would really support that, if we had an academic come to Haven, and want to pursue their studies on set, that would be fine. They would just have to deal with a lot of… fart jokes.

EMILY: I was the kind of girl growing up that didn’t have a whole bunch of girlfriends. I tended to gel more with guys in general, I was kind of a tomboy, got their humour and enjoyed that company more because there was just less drama… or so I thought. So I feel at home, they’re like the brothers I never had. Although I do actually have a brother, but he is younger than me.

LUCAS: The idiot brothers.

Q: Is there anything you would like to see for your characters, that you haven’t done yet?

LUCAS: Stuff. There are all sorts of things, but that’s a really hard question to answer, because I have thought to myself, “I’m gonna go and have a sit down with them and talk about what I really want to see… and what do I want to see?” Well, I have a real hard time answering that. I guess I would like to explore some more of Nathan’s history, I think there all sorts of story possibilities in what happened to his dad. What happened to his mum? His adoption? Selfishly I’d love to do that, but I don’t know if that is what the show is supposed to be necessarily. It’s going to be tricky. Knowing where we end with this season, from my perspective, going into the next season, I’m going to need a fresh set of eyes. I think Nathan needs a bit of a re-evaluation of things. I would like to see him have a big personality shift. Yeah, I’d like to see a big change in him.

EMILY: I think it’s funny that he said that, because when people ask me that question I tend to go to the Nathan camp. I feel like he is a huge question mark and such a great piece of the Haven puzzle. I think that’s a lot of the allure of who Nathan is as a person, but I have always said that I would like to see his apartment, or where he lives and soon we get a little glimpse of that. I think it would be cool to see different points of view, because we are always attacking a Trouble, but I think that maybe the way Vince and Dave view Haven or Nathan’s day. I think that would be an interesting spin on things.

I also think that there is a layer of mythology that held up Season One, with Lucy and the Chief, and Nathan and Duke as little boys and that sort of 1983-esc version of Haven that supported the whole first season, to me [that] is very interesting. I’d love to give that some more weight, or delve into that a little more.

LUCAS: Just before we go, I wanted to say, that from a story perspective, I think we would all like to see less concern about the Trouble of the week in general and maybe a new way to approach episodes. Whether that’s a day in the life of a certain character, whether its more time travel, or exploring that mythology whilst weaving in the Trouble that they are dealing with, but focus less on that case.

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