MCM Buzz Podcast November 2013

MCM-buzz_logoAs the recent MCM London Comic Con slowly becomes a memory, on the horizon comes the next event on the MCM calendar, the MCM Birmingham Comic Con.

Situating itself as a guiding transition between the two, the MCM Buzz Podcast will return on Tuesday 12th November at 8pm with the Battenberg Cake Duo, MCM Buzz editor and MCM Comic Con main stage host Stuart Claw and MCM Comic Con Cosplay organiser Granny Gertrude. Together they will fight the forces of evil and take listeners on a journey as they look back at the events of October’s MCM London Comic Con, as well as what to expect from the upcoming MCM Birmingham Comic Con, due to take place at the NEC in Birmingham on 23rd – 24th November. Will they be announcing any guests, events and games? You’ll just have to tune in.

Those listening will also be able to interact live via the free live chat room that opens from 7:30pm on You can also join the conversation on Twitter (@MCMBuzz) and Facebook ( using the hashtag #mcmbuzzlive.

Are there any questions you would you like to ask Stuart and Granny? Let us know in the comments below.

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