TARDIS Time Travel May Be Possible Because SCIENCE – Physicists Explain How

4958_Yes, you read right. According to a real paper written by real physicists, the spacetime geometry within which Doctor Who‘s TARDIS manoeuvers could well exist in our own universe, potentially allowing for travel in all directions through space and time.

Untitled1Titled “Traversable Achronal Retrograde Domains In Spacetime“, the paper also concludes that the universe’s incalculably massive size allows for the possibility that real Time Lords may exist somewhere within it. Authors of the essay Ben Tippet and David Tsang are theoretical physicists working at McGill University in Canada and the University of British Colombia (though in true Whovian style, they claim here to work at the Gallifreyan Polytechnic Institute and the Gallifreyan Institute of Technology).

Summarising their arguments, From Quarks to Quasars explains that:

“In order for a TARDIS to function, it needs to exist in a universe where the construction of closed timelike curves (CTCs) is possible. A closed timelike curve is defined by instances where the time dimension curves back on itself creating a closed loop. Hypothetically speaking, you could get in this loop (or build one around yourself) and travel forward and backwards in time at will.”

It’s not all fun and jelly babies, however: as in Doctor Who, any real time traveller would face serious difficulty and danger. Before being able to move through the time vortex or create a “TARDIS bubble” in the first place, budding Time Lords and Ladies would first have to discover exotic matter, as well as violating the laws of classical mechanics. But that’s far from the worst part:

Untitle“Conquering this hurdle would allow for a TARDIS vehicle to travel in circles (in both time and space – but that’s rather boring). To travel in other more complicated ways, we would have to cut two TARDIS bubbles and connect two ends from the two different bubbles. When you’re watching the opening credits for Doctor Who, this mechanism is what you’re watching (you’re inside the time vortex/TARDIS bubble and, whenever the TARDIS changes directions, it has entered a different such bubble. When you connect two TARDIS bubbles, it’s possible that you’ll enter from one side, and exit into a universe made out of antimatter (I’m sorry. I’m so sorry).”

In addition to their full TARDIS paper, Tippet and Tsang have also published an easier-to-understand version for laypeople, called The Blue Box White Paper, which you can download here.

Source: From Quarks to Quasars

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