MCM Buzz Attack on Titan Giveaway winners Announced!

Attack on Titan

With the MCM London Comic Con October now becoming a seemingly distant memory and with all of the entries having been received and the judges finished agonising over their decisions, MCM Buzz is proud to announce the winners of its five Attack on Titan Giveaway competitions.

Each day produced a different type of competition that ranged from questions and captions to selfies! But who won and how? See below for details:

Day One saw Kishi Kishi aka Anna answer that three of the Wit Studio/Attack on Titan team attended the recent MCM London Comic Con.

For Day Two Timothy Tang amused the judges with his caption for the picture below: “Alfred this is exactly why I didn’t want to go to MCM Comic Con London with Batman, it always brings out the child in him.”

On Day Three @ElephantClaws17 told us via Twitter that if she lived in an anime world she would, “choose a random object (e.g. a purple brick) and place it so that it appears once in each episode, to see if it is noticed.”

The penultimate prize was won by Azmi whose self predicting selfie (see below) of their reaction if they saw a Titan convinced the judges that he was a deserving winner.

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 16.54.37

The final prize was a tough choice for the judges and had them deliberating for days until eventually they decided that Ben Murphy’s reason for why Attack On Titan is a great manga/anime was deserving of the final prize of the competition. His reason was as follows:

I think Attack on Titan is such a great anime/manga series as the artwork is fantastic, all of the characters are interesting and the story keeps me wanting to know what happens next. I like how the mystery surrounding the walls, the Titans and humanity is slowly explained as the series progresses but always keeps enough hidden to keep the viewer/reader interested in knowing more. I really feel for all of the characters and you really connect with them as they know what a scary situation they live in, but continue to fight on against the Titans. I think the emotions of the characters are easy to relate to and it feels realistic if I was in the characters situation. It’s also very detailed in terms of artwork and information about the walls/human weapons such as the 3D maneuver gear. The anime and manga have lots of information sections that explain the over world that adds to the interest and mystery surrounding the Titans and humanity’s fight against them. I like coming up with theories about unexplained things in the series and it’s fun discussing them with fellow fans online. It’s got an amazing cosplay community as well and I’ve meet so many friends through cosplaying as Eren from Attack on Titan at October MCM Expo, which had incredible Attack on Titan cosplay meets on all threee days. The costumes of the characters look wonderful and are so much fun to wear and act out scenes from the anime/manga. I think the scenes with the 3D maneuver gear are incredible and need to be seen to appreciate just how good they look and flow together, which I think is especially noticeable in the anime. Overall I think Attack on Titan is an amazing anime and manga that all fans of anime and manga can enjoy.

If the winners could please contact with their postal address details so we can send your prizes out to you.

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