Super Junior Give a Super Show in London


With all of the hype that was around with the arrival of Super Junior performing in the UK, I was expecting a great show. But nothing could have prepared me for what was going to happen. I was already a big fan of Super Junior from their debut, and had respect for them as long running artists in the K-pop world, but this concert managed to clarify something I had always wondered. Were they as fan friendly as all the press mention?

DSCN3594In a simple answer, YES! Performing for over 10,000 fans who are known as E.L.F’s (Ever Lasting Friends) members Kangin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Kyuhyun, Shindong, Sungmin, Siwon, and Ryeowook took to the stage suited, booted and handsome as ever. The screams of all the fans was deafening, and as the lights turned off a sea of Pearl Blue lights lit up the stands, flags from all around the world and banners of support shone brightly.

After performing a few opening songs the boys took to the front center stage to give their introductions where some members spoke from their heart, and others took it upon themselves to make fun and joke around. There was a moment where the guys needed a break and used the time as a way to interact with the fans, from a segment where they wanted the ladies to scream and the whole hall screamed. It was down to Donghae and Kangin to create the laughs as they shouted over the mics, “NO, LADIES ONLY!” This banter followed through to “Men only”, “Workers only”, and to then finish on, “Super Junior only” with the boys showing off their amazing vocals as they screamed louder than the hall of fans themselves!

DSCN3777Performance wise there was absolutely no doubt about the impressive singing skills these men had as they performed most songs live with no fault. Taking into consideration they were prancing around stage and giving it their all, there was no faltering within their singing, and if possible, they sounded better live than on their released music and albums. Playing a good selection of dance, pop, rock and ballad, fans were asked to join in dancing with “Sunny“. They were then sobbing with the special appearance of Yesung (who is in the army at the moment) on the video behind as his Super Junior K.R.Y members sang a ballad on stage. Fans were then laughing hysterically with the silly superhero costumes for the more fun and upbeat “Great Friends” and then left feeling nostalgic with the classics such as “Sorry Sorry” and “Marry U“.

Before the concert it was announced that EXO-K and EXO- M‘s leaders would be in London to show support to their label mates and to join in the fun at Super Show 5 London. Right at the very end Super Junior introduced the leaders Suho and Kris to the stage to even more deafening cheers and screams, where they introduced themselves and promised that EXO will be coming to the UK soon to perform for all the European fans. After a little bantering with the boys, and forcing the pair to dance in a silly style in front of all of the fans, the Super Junior boys took their final bows and said their final heart warming goodbyes. 

DSCN3423There were tears, there were laughs and beyond that there was a group of 10,000 K-pop loving people walking out of the concert hall looking extremely happy and overcome with feelings. I managed to catch a few words from people who explained that this was their first K-pop concert, and even though they had been to many big concerts and smaller gigs around the world for a vast array of performers, they had never left a concert feeling that it should never have ended. They were so overcome with happiness and emotions for what they had just seen, that they began to ask when the next K-pop concert was and if it would be the same.

When you get reactions such as the one I came across, and you see not only teeny bopping girls but full grown adults and males in the stalls dancing and singing away and having a good time, that’s when you know you have a group that don’t just perform on the ranks of their entertainment company, but perform because they want to perform. Their energy overflows into the crowd, and the crowd become their power source through the chants, screams, and shouts. 

In retrospect, out of all the concerts I have attended, Super Junior’s Super Show 5 London was the best. Although the stage props and such were not as amazing as Big Bang when they were in London last year for their “Galaxy Tour“, the atmosphere the boys created and the performance of their songs made up for it. You didn’t need all the flashy stage set ups, these guys handled the stage as soon as they were on it, and worked really hard!

DSCN3754When ending the concert they all promised that a “Super Show 6 London” would be happening, and with the reaction of the fans, I am sure that SMEntertainment will be coming back, if not with another Super Show, at least with an SMTown concert. With this concert being such a success, I can foresee a lot more K-pop idols coming over to the UK to perform, be it big venues or smaller ones. When that time comes MCMBuzz will have the latest news, and will do a full coverage of the event. 

A big thank you to Onion Production for hosting and organising the event and to SMTown and Super Junior for their hard yet amazing work! The UK loves K-pop and hopes more will come over soon! 

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