Infinite takes “One Great Step” In London!

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The air was cold and bitter, yet there was a large queue that snaked around the entrance to the Hammersmith Apollo Eventim Theatre comprised of fellow Inspirits (Infinite’s fan club name), showing their support by queuing in the typical London winter weather, donning their coats, scarves, face masks, banners and cheering voices. Staff were running around inside preparing everyone for the mad rush of fans hoping to get prime standing spots, and once again they were as friendly and helpful as ever. When I asked one of the security how the boys were and what they thought about their practice sessions all the person could say were deep praises and mention how “good looking and handsome” they all were. They also commented on how professional, polite and nice all the members and their staff were, which as a fellow K-pop fan, was a real pleasure to hear and made me proud to be there supporting them.

woohyunThere had been many reports previous to this event at Infinite‘s other stops around the world where fans were fainting, getting injured and even scolded by Infinite themselves for hurting fellow fans just so they could get a glimpse of the boys on stage. In honesty I was worried about the reaction of UK and European fans. Although there was a lot of fainting people due to overwhelming feelings, being squashed and unable to move, or just being dehydrated, I’m happy to say that towards Infinite themselves the UK fans were amazing and supportive. When certain parts of songs happened the hall was filled with the special fan chants the fan clubs had decided on and the shouts of members names mixed with screams and laughter, which all bought a chill to me when I realised how many people were there in support.

gyuAs for the members of Infinite, what can I say that hasn’t already been said? These guys know how to put on a performance, dominate the stage and give the fans exactly what they want. From 100% perfectionism of their dance moves to their perfect harmonising when singing as a group, even their solo stages were filled with fun, giving the impression that the boys really wanted to be on that stage to perform for us fans. Accompanying them was a live band which played all of the classic Infinite songs and gave a nice concert edge to the performances. At the back of the stage was a large screen where a story and theme was formed to give the performances a little more meaning. Basing their concert on a new world where music is banned, the Infinite members are there to break those rules, show love and peace through music rather than hate and war, and to also provide us with some amazing cinematography which is expected in any major K-pop concert.

Some key moments for me were the constant use of English when talking to the fans. Now this may seem very trivial to some, but the English language to a non-native speaker is really hard, especially when you add a Korean accent to it. But the Infinite boys spoke English throughout the whole concert and really gave the fans something to connect with. Within their stages there were moments where members would go into the crowd and sing to fans, take selfie pictures using their cameras and phones, and at one point as part of the performance, member Woohyun went up into the upper balcony and walked through the crowds of fans.myungsoo

For me, this was not just a concert where a group of boys stood on stage and were forced to perform for a bunch of screaming fan girls. This concert was about Infinite connecting with their followers and fans, fulfilling a possible dream of theirs, and the dreams of their fans. Their ending goodbyes and last segments of saying thank you didn’t just have the fans around me crying, but I found myself shedding tears to their honest and heartfelt confessions. The fact the boys themselves had started to cry when delivering their messages just added fuel to the fire and made all the emotions everyone was feeling ten times as intense. The impact they had, not just on fans and press but the staff around them, shows that these guys who have trained for many years, produced amazing music and now finally done a world tour, are worthy of being given the title of an Idol Group.

Some people went to this concert not knowing who they were, not understanding the mentality of a K-pop group and their connection with their fans. I can guarantee that they left fully understanding that K-pop isn’t just about making money, or having screaming girls throwing themselves onto the stage. It’s all about connections and performance. If the performers are happy and having a great time, so too are the fans. With the growth of Korean music within the UK and European countries, and more concerts coming to London with collaborations with western musicians, I think the era of K-pop is coming to a leading position and being recognised with genres and movements such as britpop, heavy metal, punk, jazz and blues.


I would just like to say a huge thank you to the Hammersmith Apollo Eventim staff, who were amazing at crowd control, looking after press, and genuinely excited and having just as much fun as the fans. Thank you to Woolim Entertainment for acknowledging that the UK is a huge K-pop loving nation which wants to support the movement, and for putting on one amazing show. And finally a huge thank you to one of the hardest working boy groups within the industry. Sunggyu, Woohyun, Sungyeol, Dongwoo, Hoya, Sungjong, and Myungsoo deserve every amount of praise that can be given to them!

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