East Asia Television Channel to Launch in the UK Summer 2014

East Asia Television Logo

East Asia Television channel (also known as EATV) is set to start airing on British TV from the summer of 2014, specialising in Japanese, Chinese and Korean media including classic to indie anime series, films, sports, music, lifestyle, fashion, entertainment, concerts, and festivals. The channel is confirmed for airing on Sky’s Broadcasting Service and after hefty feedback from people waiting in anticipation, they are now considering their Freeview options as well.

The official introduction to the site states:

Get ready for a brand new kind of television channel, broadcasting in the UK on the Sky Television Platform EAST ASIA TELEVISION will launch MID 2014 bringing you the BEST in Japanese, Chinese and Korean media! Maybe you love anime or want to listen to the K-top 40? Well don’t despair, we’ve got you covered. With tailored programming (And films, don’t forget about the films!) we will beaming all this awesomeness down to your telly-box to store and hoard like a true otaku!

Their latest press release has a brief outline as to the content viewers can expect on a daily basis.

Early Mornings is set for child based programming (Inc. kids anime old and new).

Late Morning* will contain drama, features, technology and review shows along with day edits of programming.

Afternoons will contain a variety of programming, such as imported chat shows and further Late Morning* content.

Evening will feature our most prestigious series (exclusives/live concerts/simulcasts) as well as evening edit programming.

Night & Late Night will be the place to catch up on full unedited versions of programmes shown in the day as well as some series that is aimed at a more mature audience (but are just as good).

Come spring 2014, East Asia Television will release their complete schedule, their launch date and the channel number itself.

Already the stakes are very high for this channel to do well and unlike others before it, they are asking their future viewers to help with decisions as to what anime to air. They have opened up their schedule for their opening night and are giving the fans the opportunity to vote for which series they should show. From looking at the results already it looks as if Attack On TitanSteins;Gate and Fairy Tail are all in the top three, showing keen interest from anime lovers all around. It would also show that the channel are looking at the possibility of airing not only subtitled anime but also the prospect of using dubbed series as well. You can vote till the end of January 2014.

With Film4Syfy, and on the odd occasion CITV and Channel 4 being the only channels still on air that broadcast any form of anime on our screens (usually the same Studio Ghibli classics), it will be nice to see a bit of variety on our screens once again. Same goes for the idea of streaming Korean TV shows, charts, and the possibility of Korean/Japanese/Chinese dramas could see a possible influx of people willing to learn more about the individual cultures.

Hopefully the channel will give those who search online for a specific show a sigh of relief, for they can finally sit in front of the TV and watch their favourite shows just like everyone else. It could also become a hub for news, interaction and entertainment for the niche markets on our screens. And who knows, Attack On Titan might become the new alternative to EastEnders, just a better storyline and a little more gore.

Be sure to keep checking back with MCMBuzz for any more updates, but in the meantime check out East Asia Telvision’s websitefollow them on Twitter, and get interactive with them. They want to know what their viewers want to see and hope to provide you with exactly what you want. This is definitely something huge to look forward to in 2014!

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