Iron Man in Sailor Moon? What madness is this!?

Iron Man Sailor MoonFollowing a year in which, once again, he stormed the box office, Iron Man is not content to stop there. It would seem he has turned his sights on a cameo in a popular anime franchise, Sailor Moon.

Okay, well whilst that is not strictly true, a group of Korean students studying at the Chungkang College of Cultural Industries have put together their version of what a Tony Stark to Iron Man transformation would look like if it were to take place in the hit anime series. Oddly enough it actually works and does not look as out of place as one might think. It does raise one question though, what would a Stan Lee cameo look like in the series?! Let us just hope he doesn’t appear in a Sailor Mars costume as some things can never be unseen! 

To find out more about the college click here and click play below to watch the Iron Man transformation sequence!

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