Doctor Who Series 8 First Look: Peter Capaldi and Jenna-Louise Coleman On Set


“First the eyebrows! Then, at Christmas, the face! Coming soon, the whole Doctor. In the Cardiff studios, the Capaldi era begins.”

Thus said Steven Moffat, on this Peter Capaldi‘s first day of shooting Doctor Who, Series 8. Published in The Mirror, the photograph above gives viewers their first glimpse of the Doctor and Clara on the set of the new series. 

A Radio Times article published this morning reminded viewers to look out for big reveals today, and avid Who fans have no doubt since been scouring the internet for any images and information they can find. So far, this photograph – which features Capaldi sporting the same clothes as he wore at the end of the Christmas special, The Time of the Doctor – is all we have, but further updates are being hotly anticipated. Like Whovians around the world, Capaldi seems excited to be starting a new adventure. “New job, first day, slightly nervous. Just like the Doctor, I’m emerging from the TARDIS into a whole other world,” he said, after arriving on set.

An important part of the regeneration process is how the Doctor changes as a person, something which is often reflected in the clothes he wears. Speculation about the new Doctor’s outfit has been raging since the 9th December, when the RT enigmatically informed us that it would look “a bit old-fashioned to denote the fact that he is the oldest Doctor” but would also be “looking to the future as well”. We know that Capaldi is supposed to have had a lot of input into his Doctor’s get-up, with a BBC source saying that

“the decision over the costume was ultimately made by a combination of Capaldi himself, executive producer Brian Minchin, showrunner Steven Moffat and senior members of the art team and had to be approved by senior BBC executives.”

Moffat himself described Capaldi as “very dashing”, claiming that he has “very strong opinions about clothes”.

What will this old-fashioned attire with a modern twist look like? Tell us your predictions in the comments below!

Sources: The Mirror | The Radio Times


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