India Eisley and Samuel L. Jackson in Live Action Kite Movie Trailer


Having now been in the pipeline for years, the live-action movie adaptation of Yasuomi Umetso‘s 1998 anime Kite has finally been given a trailer. Though there’s still no firm release date set, the film now looks likely to be fully completed this year.

The original anime film centres on a schoolgirl called Sawa whose parents are brutally murdered, and who becomes involved with a pair of corrupt detectives, working for them as an assassin. Initially begun by stuntman-turned-director David R. Ellis, progress slowed on the live-action version when Ellis sadly died last January. The project was then taken up by Ralph Ziman whose take is described by Den of Geek as “hyper-stylised, violent yet inevitably less explicit” than the anime.

The new movie will star India Eisley as Sawa, and Samuel L. Jackson as the corrupt police detective, Karl Aker (possibly a combination of Sawa’s two guardians in the anime, Akai and Kanie). Callan McAuliffe, meanwhile, will play the boy assassin Oburi.

Check out the trailer below with an introduction by Samuel L. Jackson, who hopes that the new film will be interesting both for newcomers and fans of the anime.

Source: Den of Geek

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