Valve Reveals Thirteen New Steam Machines

Alienware's first design for their upcoming Steam Machine

Alienware’s first design for their upcoming Steam Machine

We all know that Valve has been busy, but after the reveal of thirteen (yes, thirteen!) lean and mean Steam Machines at the Consumer Electrics Show 2014, that may have been the understatement of the year. Valve has joined forces with 13 different partners and each party has produced their own Steam Machine for the upcoming Steam Operating System. Alongside their announcement Valve have shared some information on the products, including a pdf with pictures of the designs and naming their third-party creators of the various Steam Machines that will run the software. 

Each of the first generation designs will support the Steam OS, Steam Controller and conventional mouse and keyboard, and each Steam Machine will offer a different range of specifications, from $499.00 machines going toe to toe with the latest generation of consoles, to top of the range hardware that competes with the best gaming PCs out there. Another feature that may entice console gamers to consider the Steam Machines is the ability to tweak and modify your own consoles. Gamers can replace hardware or even create their own machine to run the Steam OS, which will be downloadable in the near future.

The potential of the Steam Machine is definitely exciting, as it allows users to modify and create with a much larger level of freedom than anything currently around in living room gaming. But with the top end of the price range reaching up to $6,000.00, only their 2014 release will show how the multitude of machines will fare. You can find some pictures and basic specifications of the thirteen Steam Machines in our gallery below.

The Steam Machines and the Steam OS are set for release in 2014.


More information can be found by visiting Steam.

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