Game of Thrones Season 4 Trailer Released

Sharpen your Valyrian steel swords, don your finest armour and prepare yourself, there be dragons here. HBO have released the first trailer for Season 4 of Game of Thrones, complete with a US release date in April this year.

The trailer picks up the pieces left at the end of the show’s incredible third season and will mostly cover the events of the second book of A Storm of Swords, and the trademark twists and turns of the series are far from over. The trailer shows Daenerys’ dragons growing ever larger and the mother of dragons herself preparing for conquest, Joffrey Lannister remaining to be his petulent self and most of Jaime Lannister settling back at King’s Landing, Tyrion in Trouble and wildlings advancing on the wall. Everything  is set in motion and the dangerous world of Westeros is about to become all the more dangerous.

"This sword should come in handy"

“This sword should come in handy”

New characters and locations will be featured in the series including the capital of the exotic kingdom of Dorne, Sunspear and a host of other fantastical features will be displayed in one of this generation’s greatest fantasy epics. One thing that is certain about this next series is that it is sure to captivate, shock, entertain and completely engross viewers across the world once again. But remember knights and ladies, whilst the anticipation for this series grows, winter is coming and the North will remember.


Game of Thrones will return to screens in the US on the 6th of April and (hopefully very) shortly after in the UK.

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