The Mightiest Hero? Captain Marvel of course!

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January is the time for brand new magazines and if you’ve seen the ads you’ll know Marvel have a pretty cool one with Marvel’s Mightiest Heroes. This particular subscription will let you gather a pretty beefy collection of hardback comic books. To coincide with the release of issue #1 Marvel has kicked off an age-old debate, asking fans “Who is Marvel’s Mightiest Hero?” It’s a question I just have to answer.

With the success of the movies I was fully expecting Iron Man or Captain America to be taking the lead. Oddly it was Ice Man who was out in front at the beginning but now (at the time of writing) Thor is well in the lead. So all of this got me thinking because there’s a Marvel hero who doesn’t have a movie but would get my vote every time. But before I explain I want to tell you about something that happened to me just a couple of months ago.

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 20.46.50One cold evening in November found me waiting in line at a small comic shop in Manchester. There were artists and writers from Marvel sat at the back, hidden behind the small crowd ahead of me. It took a good couple of hours before I could finally grab a copy or two of the comics I wanted (okay, so maybe a full stack), and present them to my favourite writer for signing.

Kelly Sue DeConnick, writer of the funniest Avengers comics I’d ever read, took them with a smile. As she wrote inside the cover I said, “I wish these had existed when I was kid.” She assured me she felt the same way. That’s the whole reason she was writing them after all.

The comics were two volumes of Captain Marvel. Inside the first she wrote the signature phrase “be the star you were always meant to be”. I don’t say this to show off about it. I’m telling you this because the phrase actually means a whole lot to me.

Like a lot of the other writers here at MCM Buzz I’m in to a lot of geeky stuff. But when you’re a girl it can be hard to find a role model or hero who isn’t male. The Marvel movies are a prime example. While they feature some great female characters, when it came to Avengers Assemble, Black Widow was kind of outnumbered.

Us geek girls have to find our heroes where we can and hold on for dear life. For me that hero was Carol Danvers. She’s been a major player in the comics for a few years now as Ms Marvel and in 2012 she took on the name of Captain Marvel.

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The first thing you should know about Captain Marvel is that she out-ranks Captain America. How awesome is that? She’s as strong as the Hulk, flies faster than Iron Man and can absorb energy and then fire it at whoever deserves it the most. She’s empowered, intelligent and just so, so cool.

When these sorts of debates and competitions arise it can always come down to the argument of who can beat who in a fight. It’s not big, it’s not clever, but there’s something very satisfying in seeing a comic panel filled with heroes and knowing that Carol could win a fight against any of them.

There is more to her of course. She’s a qualified fighter pilot, she’s got a professional attitude, a dry sense of humour and a caring nature. She’s a hero who’s experienced some crazy things and not all of it’s been great. But right now? Carol Danvers is THE female superhero you need to know about.

In fact her current run has been so well received that Marvel will soon be kicking off a new Ms Marvel title centred around a young Muslim girl who looks up to Captain Marvel as her role model. And who wouldn’t? When so much of TV and film continues to tell us that men are the ones who save the day it means a whole lot to see someone like Carol swooping in and saving the day.

If I’ve managed to convince you at all feel free to cast a vote for Carol on the Mightiest Collection website (where she is under her classic title of Ms Marvel). If you’ve already got another hero in mind then be sure to tell us who you’re voting for and why.

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