Classic He-Man Game Demo Hands-on

Screen Shot from the game

The following is based on the Android version of the game (played on a Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1). A Windows version is also available. This game is developed by the indie developer known as bWWd. 

When I first heard about this game I was a bit wary, mainly as there have been He-Man games before this one and they were based on the more recent versions of the franchise. This game however is based on the original 1983 classic series and so hardcore fans can breathe a sigh of relief.

The next thing I remember thinking when I saw information about this game (in particular the screenshots) was, ‘Is it going to play as good as it looks?’ You will be pleased to hear that surprisingly it does. Yes, the animation might be clunky in places and the collision detection can be a bit off, so you can sometimes wonder why you are not hitting enemies. Frustrating, yes, however this game is still at the demo stage and so hopefully this will be fixed in time for the game’s full release.

The demo itself consists of nine levels made using the openBOR 2D game engine, in which you can play as either He-Man, Orko, Man-At-Arms or The Sorceress. As with any side scrolling brawler, your goal is to make your way across the screen defeating the enemies as you go. The controls are fairly easy and you can get used to them in the training mode before playing through the actual story mode. This demo also features one boss for you to defeat, a nice bonus. Sadly the one thing missing from this demo, particularly in the story mode, is an actual story, which one hopes again will be in the full version when it is complete.

The levels are basic but have nice touches, as in the levels where a vehicle is used you will find that each of the characters use one that is unique to them. My favourite was The Sorceress’ but I will not spoil why.

What makes this game remarkable is the attention to detail, as not only are the sprites and backgrounds accurate to that of the classic series but all of the original sound effects and music have been lovingly added to the game. Even the classic theme tune makes an appearance. It all adds to the experience.

Overall this game is a fantastic effort, especially when you consider that it comes from an indie developer and not one of the big guns as it puts many of their efforts to shame. It is also more than evident that developer bWWd was a fan of the series and as such their love for it is reflected throughout the game. Whilst still a demo and only nine levels long this game is worth downloading and playing for the trip down memory lane alone. Oh, and did I mention that it is also FREE?

You can download the game here and you can click play below to see the game in action. 

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