Gillian Anderson returns to the world of science fiction… with a novel series

Gillian Anderson (SDCC2013cropped)The truth is indeed out there, and after nine years of  investigating the unexplained, and all things sci-fi, Gillian Anderson has announced that she is to create her own fictional universe… in print.

The actress who for nine years played the sceptical Special Agent Scully in the wonderful sci-fi cult classic The X-Files, has been signed to American publishers ‘Simon & Schuster’ where she will be penning the Earth End Saga. A series that she is to co-write with Jeff Rovin.

The opening book in the series, titled A Vision Of Fire, is to focus on a child psychiatrist who treats young children that have been traumatised by war or natural disasters. She then comes across a “uniquely troubled” young girl who is tied to something far greater.

Anderson recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly, where she said:

“I enjoy writing , but don’t usually allow myself the time, and I don’t think I’d ever think to write something in this genre without the prodding of someone like Jeff (Rovin). But I realised that I had ideas hidden inside me for a series and a lead character, in this case, a heroine. It was very clear to me that I didn’t want to enter into the horror realm. That doesn’t interest me. I also wanted a very strong female character, around my age. I would want to read something like that and I think other women would like to read too… It’s been a fantastic experience.”

Anderson’s debut novel Earth End: A Vision of Fire is due for release in October.


Source: Entertainment Weekly

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