Red Dwarf Series 11 in Production

cat-3Since Series 10 of Red Dwarf there’s been more rumours flying around than calculators in Silicon Heaven. But finally this week Danny John Jules, better known as the Cat, confirmed that production on Series 11 had begun.

He revealed the show’s creator Doug Naylor is currently penning the Smeghead’s upcoming adventures in time, space, alternative universes and possibly even hallucinogenic realities. And it seems it’s not just the fans that are eager to know more. Speaking to the press he said:

Doug Naylor is writing as we speak. He told me off for ringing him up the other day and asked about it.”

Despite some members of the Dwarf crew approaching retirement age quicker than light speed the series remains as popular as ever with Series 10 attracting a record breaking number of viewers to UKTV man channel Dave back in 2012.

The series which initially aired on BBC 2 has gained a cult following ever since the first episode ‘The End’ was broadcast in 1988 and since then has undergone more changes than a Polymorph. The intergalactic sitcom ran for eight series before going into stasis for 10 years when it returned with creators Naylor and Rob Grant paying homage to the film responsible for the creation of Red Dwarf; Blade Runner. Although the three part special Back to Earth wasn’t as well received as they had hoped, it did draw in 2.9 million viewers and proved that Red Dwarf hadn’t lost its fanbase.

Unfortunately that fanbase now faces months of speculation as Doug Naylor will be revealing as little as possible about the upcoming new series. So once again it’s a waiting game, that is until Craig Charles undoubtedly lets slip of course.

Source: Mirror 

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