Oh Boy! NCIS New Orleans Spin-Off Casting News!

Scott BackulaHe has leapt through time, travelled through space and now Scott Backula (Quantum Leap and Star Trek Enterprise) is set to become a government agent as he leads the team of the new NCIS New Orleans spin-off into action. Bakula will play the central character NCIS Special Agent Pride whom the show will revolve around, as did its big brother, NCIS.

The character is described as someone who is driven by a need to do what is right and does so with strength, humour, warmth and passion. The show is set in the NCIS New Orleans office and as such, the team handle cases from Mississippi, Pensacola, Louisiana and the Texas Panhandle. 

WAREHOUSE 13 -- Episode 411  "The Living and the Dead" -- Pictured: C. C. H. Pounder as Mrs. Irene Frederic -- (Photo By: Steve Wilkie/SyFy)The show has also announced the casting of Warehouse 13 veteran CCH Pounder as Dr.Wade, a medical examiner from the Jefferson Parish area who is considered to be both intelligent and eccentric. Whilst one’s first reaction could be to consider her just a female version of NCIS’s Ducky character, there is little doubt that CCH Pounder will bring something unique to the role that will set the character apart from him. 

These two will also be joined by Zoe McLellan, who previously appeared in the series Jag which is based in the same universe. The actress, who played Navy Petty Officer Jennifer Coates for four years in Jag, will now be playing the character of Agent Brody, who is described as being a “fish out of water character,” as she is originally from another office in the mid-west of the USA. Whilst this is no doubt a universe-bending move for the series and as such there is sure to be the odd reference or two snuck in about her previous character, all this could be wasted if the show is not picked up for a full series run. 

This new spin-off is due to air as part of the regular episode run for NCIS this spring and then will hopefully continue to a full series thereafter, depending, of course, on viewing figures and public feedback.

 NCIS airs on Tuesday nights on CBS in the USA and Channel 5 in the UK.

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