James Franco to take on The Room

James FrancoJames Franco’s production company, Rabbit Bandini Productions have acquired the rights to the book ‘The Disaster Artist: My Life Inside the Room’ a tell-all story that takes us behind the scenes of the greatest bad film ever made, The Room.

For those not in the know, The Room was co-written by, directed by and starred Tommy Wiseaua and became a worldwide cult classic for all the wrong reasons.

The Room still screens on a regular basis all across North America, amongst other places, where fans gather in droves dressed as their favourite characters, and much like The Rocky Horror Picture Show, they scream out the lines of each scene and even throw spoons at the screen (yes, actual spoons). The trailer can be viewed below.

The Disaster Artist book coverFew movies have gone on to reach the cult status of The Room (I honestly cannot recommend it enough, its brilliantly bad). The book, which was written by Tom Bissell and Greg Sester (an actor who starred in and helped write The Room), gives a real inside look at how a horrendously bad movie was ever made.

Late last year, Franco wrote an article for Vice about The Disaster Artist and The Room, which read much like a love letter to Tommy Wiseau:

“He looks like he is from Bram Stoker’s Transylvania: ageless, muscled, sweet and scary; he is part vampire, part Hollywood dreamer, part gangster, part Ed Wood, and super lonely.”

Franco is known for taking on, well let’s just say interesting roles, and has reached that point in his career where he can really do whatever he chooses. He will both direct and star in The Disaster Artist, along with his younger brother Dave.

Source: Deadline

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