Texts from God – New Sci-Fi Web Series Peacekeepers Looks Amazing


“What would you do if you were getting texts from God?”

So asks the tagline of an exciting new science-fiction web series, in which a group of designated “Peacekeepers” receive eerie text messages predicting the deaths of nearby strangers. The Peacekeepers are paid handsomely to use this information to save lives, yet its source still remains unknown. Raised a Catholic, Sophie is convinced that her messages are coming direct from God. Her friend and fellow “Mod” Alana, however, isn’t so sure…

Created by up-and-coming writer/director Charlie Reeves (story editor for Whatever This Is and producer of Vanity Fair’s The Snob’s Dictionary) with star of the show Maria Makenna (A Piece of My Heart), Peacekeepers is currently raising money to fund further episodes through its Kickstarter project. The series is described by its creators as: 

“a black comedy with a sci-fi twist set in modern-day New York City, and part of a planned six-episode first season run. With the success of Netflix in quality straight-to-web programming, Peacekeepers aims to create a series that provides strong roles for women, as well as LGBT characters, and all at the fraction of the cost of a typical television series.”

Check out Episode 1: The Long Way Down below.

If you enjoyed The Long Way Down, and would like to see more, you can help out by contributing as much or as little as you’d like on Kickstarteror simply by sharing the link and telling all your friends about how good it is. As a bonus, Buzzfeed also has some cool gifs of the episode’s highlights. For more information about the project, visit the Peacekeepers website, or check out their Twitter and Facebook pages.


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