LEDapple in Rotterdam


February 14th symbolizes a day sharing love with the people you hold dearest. But for some K-pop fans February 14th marked the day LEDapple held their first European concert. LEDapple are no strangers to MCMBuzz readers, and with their unique musical approach to the usual hip-hop, ballad, boy group genres that South Korea pumps out constantly, they bring us something a little more hybrid with the musings of rock music entwined with many other musical genres.

Their claim to fame within the European market came about with the beginning of their now finished weekly YouTube show “Music Note” where the members of LEDapple would cover English and Korean songs which they themselves or the fans had picked for them. Sadly the last episode of Music Note ended at episode 50, but I’m sure with a little persuasion from fans the boys would do some special occasional comebacks with Music Note.


Whilst staying in Rotterdam to attend the concert, I was fortunate to bump into LEDapple and their staff. Something that I really didn’t expect was how friendly and accommodating both the staff and the boys were. We were greeted with deep respectful bows, hellos and big bright smiles. Seeing the interaction between the idols and their staff was a breath of fresh air as they all seemed fully relaxed, even though they were aware fans and press were around. This politeness was also seen amongst the fans; when we got stuck with a slight language barrier they jumped in to help us as much as they could, talking with us about their love for LEDapple and other K-pop groups. I felt a sense of pride and thankfulness towards the Netherlands fans as there was no animosity and they were so respectful towards not only the idols, but towards press who had travelled to report on the concert.

The night started off with a very cold harsh wind, rain pouring all over leaving fans who were queuing shivering yet not dampening their K-pop loving spirits. Every now and then cheers could be heard with the pure excitement of finally seeing LEDapple in Europe. As we got into the hall the floor was covered with fans. It wasn’t as packed where people could get hurt, but there was room for people to be comfortable. As soon as the boys hit the stage the air was electric. It was just the opening and already the beat was vibrating through my chest; the music was deafening. Those of you who are strangers to LEDapple, I can tell you these boys know how to rock out. But there is a great distance of skill level compared to seeing them perform on TV and on screen than that of a live performance to a room full of screaming fans. It is something that can weed out who the pros are in the music industry. LEDapple fully rocked out and rocked out hard! Every member gave it their all playing their classic released singles to a few favourites from their Music Note series. Fan interaction was absolutely huge, with high fives, hand-holding and the members grabbing fans phones to take selfies.


A key moment of the night was when lead singer Hanbyul mentioned that they had been working with a big named Netherlands producer and recently recorded a new song. The crowd roared with glee at the thought of a Korean group recording within Europe, but the big surprise was when he then mentioned the song would be called “My Baby” and it would be their first European release. The release will be sometime in March and will symbolize the first K-pop group to release a single in Europe. It’s not unusual for K-pop stars to release an international song, but Europe has never been considered, unlike America and Asia as they have always been seen as the leading contenders. Not only was all this news a huge deal for the LEDA’s (LEDapple fans) but the boys then announced that they wanted all the fans to be in their European release music video. Laughs were had when they explained what dance moves they wanted everyone to perform and then they began filming. At this point all the fans were smiling, cheering and laughing during the fun song and dance. Even the press at the back were demanded upon by Hanbyul who pointed and shouted out, “You lot in the back too.”

When the concert was over emotions were running high throughout the hall. A special gift for LEDapple by the fans was to hold up banners which showed support and love, and it seemed to have worked. The singers Hanbyul and Kyumin ran backwards and forwards along the stage grabbing a banner for themselves, beaming smiles upon the crowd. The bassist Kwangyeon looked over in awe to the sea of signs taking in the event. Youngjun the guitarist and leader had a fixed proud smile and looked like his emotions were on the edge of overflowing. And lastly the drummer Hyoseok gave his all for the last song, even going as far to take off his shirt to reveal a white vest, which some fans in the crowd could not handle. Although the show was over it really felt like neither the fans nor the boys wanted to leave. For many it was too short. The hall chanted for more, but they knew it was over and had to say goodbye. With one final bow the boys said their thank yous and left the stage to an uproar of cheers and cries.


From our previous interview with LEDapple you can tell that the boys have grown not only in their musical careers, but within their personalities and idol life. As a fan of LEDapple, but also in a professional outlook, there is a feeling of some pride in seeing their growth. Their vocals have improved and seeing their performances on YouTube or television does not do justice compared to hearing them live. The music performances are something that have to be seen and heard, especially with the musicians solo performance, which I can put on par to the legends of Brit-pop such as Queen. Visually these boys scream perfection, but their style and looks are totally overshadowed by their deep respectful manners, and their overflowing love for their fans.

The boys are still doing their world tour and I highly recommend that you grab that ticket and don’t look back if you get the chance to go. You will not be disappointed.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to Invazi Conceptz, Starkim Entertainment and European Leda’s. And of course the biggest thank you to LEDapple themselves for putting on a concert that should not have been missed. On a personal level and on behalf of MCMBuzz, I would like to congratulate LEDapple on their success and wish them further success worldwide.

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