Teaser and Stills From Guardians of the Galaxy Unveiled!

Put on your very best space-boots and prepare to embark on a journey into the unknown. After what seems like an age of radio silence from the head honchos at Marvel Studios, the very first teaser trailer and some official pictures from Guardians of the Galaxy have been set upon the universe! As if that wasn’t enough, Marvel also announced that there will be a full trailer coming later, at 11:35pm ET to be precise on Jimmy Kimmel Live (4:35am for us in the UK). This ambitious operatic space adventure promises to break the formula when it comes to movies based on comics, and if it is anything like its print version it’s sure to be fast paced, witty, charming and fun for our entire solar system. 

"All hands, paws and stumps on deck!"

“All hands, paws and stumps on deck!”

The film will see fellow Earthican Peter Quill (but call him Star-Lord) and his band of unlikely heroes including pro-wrestler Dave Bautista’s fearless warrior Drax the Destroyer, who has got some serious beef with Thanos of Avengers post-credit fame (generally considered to be an all-round bad guy). Zoe Saldana (Star Trek, Avatar) is set to play the dangerous Gamora, a skilled martial artist with a healing factor to not-die for. Bradley Cooper will voice the fast talking and faster shooting Rocket Raccoon, a battle-hardened genetically altered raccoon, who is set to overtake Tony Stark’s beard and Thor’s glowing locks as the most famous body of hair in the Marvel universe. Last but not least in this multi-talented roster is Groot, an Ent-like talking tree with the ability to grow and expand on cue, voiced by Vin Diesel.

Chris Pratt as Star-Lord

Zero Dark Flirty

The pictures also give us our first look at the spacecraft which could very well be “Ship” from the comics, a sentient telepathic spaceship that shares a bond with Peter; if you’re not sold by that, think Knight Rider but in space. Guardians of the Galaxy is a bold move away from the hugely recognisable franchises they usually go for, but the result could be something that is both different and exciting for Marvel, the fans of the comics and newcomers alike. If you fancy reading up on the incredible comic series that spawned the film, a great place to start is the Guardians Reboot here.

Could this be our first look at the Guardians’ vessel of choice?

Guardians of the Galaxy is set for a US and UK release of 1st August 2014, with a trailer coming tomorrow morning.

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