You can now play for money on Super Street Fighter IV online

Super Street Fighter IV (Evil Ryu vs Oni)

Back in the 1990s, after pumping a few quid in the arcades playing Street Fighter II and beating your peers, you earned a certain level of respect. Now Capcom and Virgin Gaming are giving players the opportunity to earn real money when playing Super Street Fighter IV online.

This will be rolled out in Europe, North America, South America and Australia, where players would need a copy of Super Street Fighter IV or Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition for either the XBOX 360 or PS3. Game modes where you can win cash include the standard 1 vs. 1 head to head and leagues of up to 32 players.

The process starts at the Virgin Gaming website, with the challenger creating a 2-player Endless Battle in a private slot. The challenger will then invite their opponent to the lobby via their PSN ID or XBOX 360 Gamertag, as seen on the match card found on Once the opponent accepts, both players can select their characters and proceed to the match.

Street Fighter IV (howto_screen_xbox_8)Once the match is over, head back to to verify the results in the VG Report Center. Players are encouraged to upload an image of the match result. Doing so will allow you to receive your winnings a little quicker and will also help in case there is a dispute, so it might help to have a camera phone handy. Players are also advised to “save your replay as evidence.” Winnings are deposited into players’ accounts, which can subsequently be deposited into their bank accounts or used for future matches.

To make sure matches are balanced Virgin Gaming will use a skill rating system so players can find and challenge those of a similar ability. Virgin also ensures that they will crack down on cheaters, utilising “advanced technology, partnerships and community features to ensure that fairness is baked right in to the Virgin Gaming experience.”

Capcom’s Peter ‘ComboFiend’ Rosas revealed the news on Capcom Unity, saying, “I’m proud to announce our partnership with Virgin Gaming, which will allow players to compete with one another for not only pride, but for money as well!”

If you think you’re unbeatable at Super Street Fighter IV then this might be a way for you to make a bit of cash to spend on cupcakes and chocolate biscuits. However there is also the worry that some gamers could find themselves continuously playing and stumping up money chasing losses.

Would you be willing play Super Street Fighter IV online for money?


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