Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse Episode 1 Review

Broken Sword 5

After receiving tremendous support from their Kickstarter campaign, the latest instalment in the acclaimed Broken Sword series has arrived. This gorgeous mystery-adventure title sees the return of our heroes George Stobbart, now an inquisitive insurance man, and fearless reporter Nico Collard. After witnessing the robbery of a mysterious painting from a small gallery in Paris, the two become mixed up in a tale of conspiracy and evil that will take them across the world in search for the truth.

The first thing that will strike players is just how good this game looks, the settings could easily sit in a gallery of their own. The characters themselves are rendered in 3D which works fairly well with the 2D backdrops, all in all resulting in a style that really lends itself to all of the in-game sleuthing and making it a pleasure to do. The world, linear as it may be, is filled with these wonderful locations that shine on any platform.


As for the gameplay, the controls are intuitive and offer a decent amount of freedom for a game that is set against static backdrops, and they work particularly well on touch devices as you find yourself dragging, tapping and swiping your way through this colourful adventure. It’s easy to immerse yourself in Revolution Software’s latest as you explore the game’s different areas and find clues, solve puzzles and interact with the colourful characters. From philosopher-come-baristas and self-appointed spatter analysts to bumbling policemen there is never a dull moment. Newcomers may find the people who inhabit the world of Broken Sword to be over the top, yet as the story progresses the characters quickly become part of the game’s charm (and it has bucket loads of that), the contrast between the jovial and sometimes cheesy dialogue against the sinister plot line really gives the whole experience a distinct feel that is unlike many bleaker mystery games.

The puzzles themselves are not particularly taxing as the game begins, something that may change come the next episode, and as the pace gets quicker the challenges may step up as well. The difficulty of these brainteasers is not all bad, however, as it keeps the narrative flowing and leaves you immersed as you progress and discover the world of Broken Sword. The story itself is solid and will keep gamers intrigued as they explore, yet the break between episodes does seem to happen just as things start to heat up for our intrepid investigators. The scale of the adventure certainly gets bigger as you progress through the game, and this is no bad thing when there is still another episode to go. The game itself is by no means short, which is particularly notable when played on mobile devices, as with any good mystery the smallest details are often the key to cracking the most difficult of cases. It can also be said that the slow start really shows that the darkness in this mystery lies just below the surface.

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Whether you are a long time fan of the Broken Sword series or a newcomer to Revolution Software’s line of classic adventure games, there is something for anyone who appreciates enthralling storytelling that captures the imagination full of larger-than-life characters, beautiful locations, a compelling story and a mystery to solve. The Serpent’s Curse is a charming, nostalgic and engaging adventure that leaves you waiting with baited breath for the second and final episode. 

Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse Episode 1 is out now on iOS, Playstation Network for Vita, Windows, Linux, OS X and Android.

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