Viz Media debuts K with their first-ever limited edition Blu-Ray & DVD combo pack!


Viz Media has launched the much anticipated sci-fi action thriller anime series “K” on to a limited edition Region A Blu-Ray /DVD combo pack in the US this week. The special edition pack contains the full 13 episode series which is spread across four discs and includes an extensive collection of bonus material, which in itself is unusual for anime releases. The bonus material is also not your run of the mill stuff as it includes a documentary segment, VIZ Presents an Interview with KANAME, in which viewers meet and hear from the legendary Japanese cosplayer during his trip to promote K at Anime Expo in LA last year. It also features a photo gallery, interview with English voice cast and much more.

K-CompleteSeries-RetailerBonusThe pack also comes in luxury packaging in the form of a chipboard box that has a special print adorning it and also contains a full colour 80 page premium art booklet, which features a whole host of character related art, profiles and much more. As if all of this was not enough a special bonus gift of full colour K stickers is also available when purchasing the pack from certain retailers.

“K” (also known as K Project) tells the story of Shiro, an easy going teenager who is happy going about his daily student life, but one day everything changes when an attempt is made on his life by a clan that glows red with fire. It would appear that our hero is doomed but he is soon saved by a young man called Kuroh Yatogami. It is not long before the rescuer reveals that he had an ulterior motive for his actions and once again Shiro is on the run hunted for a murder he has not committed. The series is directed by Shingo Suzuki who has worked on anime series such Gravion and movies such as Mardock Scramble, as either a chief animation director or episode director. Shingo Suzuki is also the character designer for the series that is written by GoRA.

The K complete series limited edition pack is available in the special packs now for $69.99 or $44.82 for a standard 2-disc DVD edition. The series is also due to be released by Viz Media UK partners Manga Entertainment in the UK on April 14th 2014 and is available to pre-order from Amazon for £25.36 in a Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack that contains the series on three DVDs or one Blu-Ray. There is no news yet on the whether the additional extras will be a part of this package yet, but stay tuned to MCM Buzz for more news on that as we get it. 

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