Infinite Crisis Tie-In Comic Series and Figures Announced

BatmanFollowing the recent announcement that DC Comics is launching their open beta on their latest game Infinite Crisis, based on the 2005 comic book run of the same name, a new Infinite Crisis book is set to launch digitally in May of this year with print copies coming in June. That’s right, it’s a comic book of a game of a comic book! But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, and here’s why.

First of all, Dan Abnett will be DC’s scribe for the series. Abnett has been writing comic books for over 20 years, contributing to just about everything from Marvel’s Dr. Who comics spanning from 1988-1994 to 2008’s Batman/Superman run. He is also a prominent novelist in the world of Dr Who, Warhammer 40K and Fantasy, and he will have the exciting job of picking and choosing exactly what stays and goes from the vast multitude of work in the DC universe. It’s definitely in good hands, and whilst little is known about how similar to the original Infinite Crisis run these comics will be, it is certain that they will bring a new level of depth to the upcoming game as well as offering a varied and compelling narrative for any DC fan. We have been told at a recent Infinite Crisis event that the series will be published outside of DC’s new 52, which only adds to the huge amount of material the series will be able to select (and discard) snippets from. 

In addition to the comics and the game itself, there will also be Infinite Crisis figures. These high-quality models will show off the incredible character design being used in the series, basing themselves upon both the artwork in the books and the rendered models in the game to produce stunning representations of your favourite DC heroes and villains. Those already announced include Harley Quinn getting ready for a deadly little slumber party, and the post-apocalypse survivors Atomic Poison Ivy and Atomic Green Lantern, whose figures can be seen in our gallery below.

The fact that comics and merchandise are already being commissioned for a game that is not yet in its open beta stage is a telling sign that DC are expecting great things from Infinite Crisis. One thing is for certain, with a rich body of work to choose from behind it, good writers, excellent artwork, innovative gameplay and incredible characters, it has a pretty decent start.

 The new Infinite Crisis comic series will be coming online in May 2014 and in print in June 2014, available from DC Comics.

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