MCM Buzz Gets Hands-on With Infinite Crisis


This week MCM Buzz paid the lead designer of DC Comics upcoming MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game, Ryan Bednar, a visit. Not only did we get a chance to interview Ryan about Turbine Inc’s latest anarchic-yet-strategic endeavour, but we were able to have a go ourselves and deliver a first impression right here. 

Whilst there is definitely a prominent learning curve when you first put your hand on that mouse, once you learn the ropes of Infinite Crisis what ensues is the most invigorating balance of strategy and utter mayhem. We played the latest map, Gotham Divided – a wild mixture of the city Thomas Wayne built in the prime universe, the Gotham we know, and the Gotham from the Gaslight universe, shrouded in smoke and filled with 19th century goodies.

Your goal is multi-layered and yet simple: destroy the other team and enemy drones to level your player, take down their turrets to get closer to their base and destroy their power core. On the one hand you want to just lay into the opposing team, but due to the in-game levelling system, if you try that at the start you won’t get far. Playing as the Joker involved having powerful ranged attacks but little health, so after a couple of harsh lessons it seemed like the best option was to keep to the shadows and ambush players. The trick to succeeding in Infinite Crisis is definitely knowing your enemy. The controls were intuitive and lent themselves to the split-second decision making required in-game. 

Infinite Crisis Hands on

Whilst the beginning of the match started out slowly, as players became more powerful the area quickly turned into an all out war zone as players on both sides gathered to fight one another. The display system works incredibly well in the fact that whilst all these explosions are happening on screen you can still find yourself and assess the situation. This is a rare game in that tactics are important the whole way through the match. Even if you are dominating at the start if your team starts to miss things it can be over in a heartbeat. Although only one game was played, those 45 minutes were packed with tension, planning, critical decision-making and a lot of mistakes – as in, a lot.

The only criticism one could make is not an essential one, but whilst the game is quick to call itself next-generation, the graphics themselves feel slightly dated in comparison to newer online games. It is important to add, however, that whilst this is something that is noticed at the start of your game, by the first three minutes all of your aesthetic concerns have been blown out of your brain by the top notch combat system and the overall feel of the game. All of this of course is subject to change as it is worth noting that Infinite Crisis is still in closed beta, with no release date but a confirmed date for open beta on the 14th March.

Infinite Crisis is definitely off to a good start, with innovative controls and a brilliant host of DC characters that really have been brought to life, with excellent voice acting, gestures and character designs for each of their multiverse incarnations. It really has set its own standards high. As a first look, with a free open beta coming our way very soon, Turbine’s Infinite Crisis is not just one to watch out for, it’s one to download and play immediately. 

Infinite Crisis will be unleashed with an open beta for PC on 14th March 2014.




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