Members Of Jackie Chan’s New K-pop Group Revealed


As previously reported, legendary martial arts actor and choreographer Jackie Chan has decided to dip his feet into the ever expanding Hallyu Wave. Before debuting his eight year in the making boy group by the name of JJCC (Aka: Double JC), teaser photos and a small amount of information has been given out.

There are four Korean members who go by the name of SimBa,, EDDY, San-Cheong, and there is also a Chinese/Australian member by the name of Prince Mak. SimBa is the announced leader of the group, and both he and used to be models, but now they are both in charge of rapping for the group. EDDY made his fame through his skills in cooking by competing on the Korean TV show “Master Chef Korea.” With the way things are being laid out, it seems EDDY is the one with all of Jackie Chan’s stunt and martial arts training, and someone to keep a close eye on for some amazing footwork. San-Cheong is the youngest member, but not much else has been shared about him. Prince Mak was a winner on a Chinese music survival audition program, which obviously caught the eye of Jackie Chan and helped him in the choosing of the members for his group.

The Jackie Chan Group Korea also released a small statement with the image of the members stating “All the members have rap, vocal, and songwriting skills, as well as various dance skills such as popping, b-boying, and ballet. They also are able to speak in three languages – English, Chinese, and Korean. Please look forward to more from JJCC, which hopes to represent Asia through each member’s unique talents coming together for a good synergistic effect.”

With Jackie Chan’s company bigging them up on their dancing skills and the obvious backing up of training by Jackie himself, they certainly have the look and style of a K-pop group. With more information being leaked and having visuals to go on, this is a very exciting concept.

Sources: Allkpop | Soompi

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