“I’ll end it on my own terms” Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman’s Reddit AMA

Kirkman opening the floodgates to Reddit

Kirkman opening the floodgates to Reddit

Robert Kirkman, the creator of The Walking Dead comic book series as well as executive producer and writer of the AMC series took part in a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything!).

What’s Reddit? Reddit is a social networking service where registered users can post content. It’s also a huge attraction for Celebrity Q&A’s – AmA’s as they categorize it. Past celebrity AmA’s have included; The United States President – Barack Obama, former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger to South Korean rapper PSY and the guy with two penises.

The questions for these notable public figures are decided by Reddit’s community members who vote on which questions they want answered. Here are some of the highlights from Robert’s session.

How much do you have to do with the Telltale seasons of The Walking Dead? I really enjoy them but damn they’re brutal.

At this point, I feel like if I got too involved I’d just screw things up. I was slightly more involved in season one, I think, but really it was just a matter of me approving their story when they ran it by me. The team there did an enormous amount of work to get the tone and feel in line with what I do in the comics before they ever came to me.

Before we started season 2, they asked me a lot about where I was going in the comic and some things they should avoid, and I gave them some notes, but for the most part, those guys have taken the ball and run with it… to what I think we can all agree is great success.

I recently read that George R.R. Martin was concerned that the television series of Game of Thrones was moving faster than his writing. I was wondering – Do you have a plan for the end of the series? Do you have a plan for the beginning (like a prequel)? Are you concerned at all with the pace of the television series?

I’m comfortably ahead of the series. We do at least 12 issues a year (sometimes more) and the show does 16 a year… so it’s possible it could eventually catch up, but I’m currently so far ahead I don’t think it will happen. That said, George R.R. Martin better get to writing! I want my GAME OF THRONES!

How much does the TWD TV shows censoring stop you from doing what you wish you could, and how has that affected the story as a whole?

There honestly haven’t been any moments that had to be cut from scripts or edited out of the show due to content. AMC is pretty great when it comes to that stuff. There are clearly limitations. We can’t use “F**K” for instance or show nudity or things like that. Be we know that going in, and I think as evidenced by the most recent episode there’s nothing stopping us from getting as dark as the comic series is at times.

Which character do you think was best adapted from the comic books to the TV series? Which has been your favourite scene from the TV series so far?

It’s hard to pick a favorite scene. Off the top of my head, the talk between Rick and Morgan in CLEAR is high on my list. The scene between Hershel and Glenn in season 2 when he talks about whether or not Glenn is good enough for Maggie and gives him the watch is also a favorite. Michonne stabbing the Governor in 408 was pretty rad, too.

Do you think there will ever be a conclusion to the Walking Dead on your on terms or will you keep writing until it’s no longer profitable?

I’ll end it on my own terms eventually. I have more control over when the comic would end than I do of when the show would end, obviously. But I’m hoping both will wrap up in a cool satisfactory way in a hundred years or so.

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