LEDapple release new music video “Who Are You?”


We had previously reported on LEDapple’s European Tour, and gave nothing but praise to the boys who work extra hard to keep their fans happy. From their releases of Music Note, to their album releases we are always waiting with bated breath as to what they can do to make us swoon and fall deeper into the fandom for LEDapple.

We mentioned in our report of LEDapple’s Rotterdam concert that the boys had a segment where they introduced a new song they were working on, and they asked the crowd to participate in a small dance, even forcing the photographers and reporters to join in. Well now the wait for their new digital single and music video is over with the release of “Who Are You?”

Keeping true to their personalities the song is upbeat, fun and bouncy. It’s got a pop base, with some controlled vocals from the usually very powerful singers Hanbyul and Kyumin. The music is once again on par with Hyoseok on drums, Kwangyeon on bass and leader Youngjun on guitar. The music video itself features clips of their concerts around Europe, showing their dedicated fans and the beautiful countries they visited. It is a really touching video, and for the people who went to their concerts this is something that can bring back happy and great memories. This could be somewhat a keepsake for the boys as well, to remind them that they have made it big, that they travelled Europe and that even if they don’t speak the same language, music is universal.

Be sure to watch the video below, and follow them on Twitter and Facebook. Who knows, by showing support from the UK we might get an LEDapple concert in London one day.

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