EXCLUSIVE Interview With Korean Pianist Choi Soo Min

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Back in January we reported that Park Jung Min would be coming to the UK to hold a concert with the opening act by Korean boxer turned pianist Choi Soo Min. Unfortunately the concert was cancelled, but MCM Buzz managed to arrange a long distance interview with Choi Soo Min about his transition from a life in martial arts, to his new life in spreading the word of fusion music in which he combines classical with pop. In Korea he is known to his fans as the “Korean Maksim Mrvica” and shows compassion and love for the growth of his music.

Choi soo min - MCMbuzz (2)Contrary to belief, classical music within Korea is not as big as it may seem, and foreign classical musicians are not that well known throughout Europe, but this is where Choi Soo Min wants to change the way in which people receive his music. By mixing the soft and enchanting sounds of the piano with the beats of pop music, Choi Soo Min would like to help educate people around the world that the Hallyu wave is not just about girl and boy groups, big name companies, or huge dance routines. He is bringing the recognition of music back to the basics, and making it solely about the music itself. Previously he has worked with the likes of Tsubasa Imamura with their collaboration for “Beautiful” thus breaking the language barrier with music once again.

After touring around Europe Choi Soo Min and his management team decided to make a music video that included the many fans he gained whilst travelling. He considered how he could leave an unforgettable memory for fans and wanted to involve them as much as he could in his new project. Whilst forming the video for his new single release “Travel” he asked his fans from around the world to help by getting them to send in their personal photos. In doing this floods of fans began to send in pictures, and as word of mouth began to spread the news, it became apparent that more fans were being created through this event.

Choi Soo Min stated, “I have always wanted to be a musician who communicated well with fans. So taking this opportunity as my stepping stone, I will do my absolute best to return the true love from my fans by preparing numerous events in the future.” It is always nice to see fusion artists bringing in elements of classical music to their own genres. Within the Korean music world, you always hear some sort of classical music, violin or piano piece being played in the background. One of the most famous ones within the K-pop world would have to be the TVXQ, TRAX, BOA collaboration piece Tri-Angle“, in which it combines heavy metal, pop, classical, and ballad all into one song. It is also nice to see a pianist who comes from a non-cliché background, and shows that you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it.

Please be sure to follow Choi Soo Min on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and visit his Official Website. Check out his interview with MCMBuzz below, and with enough interest there could be a chance that at some point in the future he will travel to the UK to hold his own concert. I would like to say a huge thank you to Choi Soo Min and his management for arranging this interview with us, and wish them all the best in the future.

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