UK Pokémon Distribution Event: Get a Free Magmar or Electabuzz from GAME

Magmar Electabuzz

In collaboration with GAME, The Pokémon Company International has announced a UK Pokémon distribution event for Pokémon X and Y players. Beginning on Friday 4th April, gamers will be able to get their hands on an Electabuzz or a Magmar from their local GAME shop.

Which Pokémon you’ll receive will depend on which version of the game you’re playing: those with Pokémon X will get a Magmar, while those with the Y version will be given an Electabuzz. Whichever one you end up with, however, there’ll be an incentive to trade it: they’ll be holding a a Magmarizer and an Electirizer respectively, so that they’ll evolve into Magmortar and Electivire when swapped.

To download your Pokémon, you’ll need to use a redemption code that will be printed on a receipt upon request. No purchase is necessary, however, and while stocks last, you’ll also be able to get Pokémon Trading Card Game: XY sample pack, including a special foil Pikachu card and one additional XY expansion card.

Check out the video announcement below:

Pikachu foil card

Source: Nintendo Life

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