K-Culture Festival To Be Held In Germany


With the influx of K-pop fans from European countries garnering attention in Korea it wasn’t long till a large scale event would be announced bringing some of the biggest K-pop acts to come from Korea. The USA has the likes of Kcon, but now Europe has its very own K-Culture Festival. What makes this festival a little different is the fact that it’s not solely based around the K-pop idols, but is also housing its own audition similar to that of “The X-Factor” but with Korean music being the basis of its genre and a change of name to “K-Audition“.

In a recent press release it was announced that production company B.E.N, who is under the lead of Hyung-suk Kim PD (one of the most popular music producers in Korea at the moment), will be attending the K-Culture Festival and will be offering to train successful applicants in Korea. After registering there will be a popularity contest where a select group will be put forth to the semi finals. After a judging panel looks at the remaining contestants, the last few will be selected to go to the finals in Frankfurt. At the moment it seems they are looking for boys in their auditions, but girls don’t be too downhearted, for if the judging panel find any females they see as talented within singing and dance then there is also the chance that you could be picked as well. The schedule we have received is as follows:

[K-Audition – Arise, Boys!]
This audition is the official casting for B.E.N
Successful candidates will be trained in Korea.
Registration period : 1st April ~ 18th April.
Popularity poll : 21st April ~ 12th May
Semi-final notice : 13th May
Finals : 7th June in Frankfurt
Apply for Casting K-Audition on their Facebook page HERE
Audition is open to both Male And Females, with the latter being chosen if talent is seen.
Please note: Audition tapes and photos will not be returned.

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Along with singing in K-pop there is always the element of dance that captures the hearts and minds of fans. This is the same for European fans with many creating covers of their favourite idols. One of the UK’s favourites are the London Kpop Dance Workshop (LoKo) who hold a workshop every now and then where you can learn some of the best dances in K-pop. But if you can’t wait for the next workshop, and feel you have the skills to show off to a venue full of people, then check out the “K-Pop Coverdance European Championship‘s” also being held at the K-Culture Festival.

Registration : 13th May
First stage : Over 30 teams will be chosen through a video test
Genre : K-pop  Type : Solo/Group
Rules : You can only enter once, so choose what you do wisely!
You can apply for the dance cover contest HERE


Now for the news you’re most likely waiting for. As promised there is a large line up of your favourite K-pop idols starting with Ailee, VIXX, GOT7, BTS, Block B and MBLAQ being announced. The last time Europe saw such a wide variety of idols was back in 2012 when KBS Music Bank held their concert in Paris. This time though the K-Culture Festival will be held in Duesseldorf, Germany on the 13th September 2014.

What’s really astounding about this festival is the amount of special ticketing they are giving fans, with a choice of backstage, fan-meeting and early bird. There are many ways to meet your favourite idols face-to-face, giving you the chance to hug, shake hands and get your items signed. It has also been noted that merchandise will be on sale and there may be a few other things up their sleeve. For now here is the information we have been given so far:

K-Culture Festival
13th September 2014 at the  ISS DOME in Duesseldorf, Germany
Enrty time : 17:00     EST. End Time : 22:00
Line up : Block B, MBLAQ, VIXX, Ailee, GOT7 and BTS

VVIP Fanmeeting & Backstage passes inc : Autograph, Hand Shake/ Hugging (no confirmed photo taking at the moment)
300 Early Bird: Rehearsals & Early Entry at 16:30 – 179.50€ – (Est. £149)
300 VVIP Fanmeeting : VIXX, GOT7, (Block B) – 179.50€ – (Est. £149)
300 VVIP Backstage : Ailee, BTS, (MBLAQ) – 179.50€ – (Est. £149)

Please note: Block B & MBLAQ are not confirmed for VVIP packages at the moment..
Tickets Go On Sale On 5th April 12:00 (CEST) Check HERE for details

600 VIP Standing ticketing: 119.50€ (EST. £99)
2110 VIP Seated ticketing: 119.50€ (EST. £99)
1500 Standard Standing: 99.50€ (EST. £83)
1490 R Seating: 99.50€ (EST. £83)
1970 S Seat:  72.50€ (EST. £60)
1973 A Seat: 55.50€ (EST. £46)
First ticket sales happen on 23rd April 2014 and tickets can be bought HERE.

Maximum order for all tickets are 4 per person.
All tickets are for the date stated and only on the day of the show – Tickets are not refundable.
Lost tickets will not be reissued.
General ticketing ends 30 minutes before the start of the Festival.
Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult or guardian that is 18+


Click for larger image of seating plan.

So there we have it guys, we are proud to announce that MCMBuzz will be there to cover the entire event and we might get some amazing interviews along the way. Please keep checking back for more updates and be sure to follow K-Culture Festival’s Facebook and visit their Official Website.

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