Cakes with Faces releases Fun Sushi Recipe Comic Book

sushi-kindleHave you ever wanted to make sushi at home only to be faced with instructions that were difficult to follow and lacking in cute pictures? Well now Amy Crabtree of Cakes with Faces has published her fun comic book How to Make Sushi on Amazon Kindle.

The comic book features cute characters that guide you through making hosomaki (single filling rolls), futomaki (larger rolls) and nigiri, as well as how to cook edamame and gyoza for a complete Japanese meal.

After taking a sushi-making class Amy wanted to share her skills with other people. “Sequential art is perfect for step-by-step instructions, and makes it more fun,” says Amy. “I realised a comic book would be a perfect way to demonstrate how to prepare ingredients and roll sushi.”

So when you’re faced with a sushi emergency, just whip out the comic book, master the technique and then you can feast on as much sushi as you like without having to worry about an expensive bill. Also, if you don’t fancy eating raw fish then all of the sushi in the book can be made with vegetables. Avocado, cucumber, peppers, tofu, egg and even beetroot are all perfect for sushi.


How to Make Sushi is available now as an ebook on Amazon Kindle. If you’d prefer a physical paper version (complete with a rolling mat and chopsticks), then you can purchase it at Alternatively you can visit their stall at MCM London Comic Con in May.

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