Blood-C: The Last Dark DVD review

Blood C Last Dark MovieThis film isn’t for the faint-hearted. However, if you’re still with me then you will love Blood-C: The Last Dark.

A good film should have you hooked before the title appears, and this one did just that: a train scene which instantly sets the feel for the rest of the film, with a zombie like man eating the train’s passengers, followed by a chase scene with this creature being followed by the amazing main character. I dare you to stop watching this film when that title credit comes up.

The main character, Saya, with long flowing black hair and dressed like a school girl, in this version reminds me of the Major from Ghost in the Shell and Misaka from Attack on Titan. She is bold, appears silent, only speaks when it’s really needed, and pretty much emanates an aura that shows she doesn’t want to be spoken to. Most importantly, she is epic. She is the reason I was so hooked from the beginning. Appearing very quietly and then launching herself into a chase, long sword in hand, she is the kind of person who you know will come out of a fight the victor, no matter how many opponents she has. When it comes down to it, I loved her so much because she was so cool. So hats off to screenwriter Nanase Ohkawa for making her the way she is.

In this film Saya is hunting these zombie-like creatures, known as the “Old Ones”, and encounters a group of young internet hackers who are trying to find out the truth behind the attacks led by these creatures. They realise how much of an asset Saya would be and ask her to join them, though she only does so because she is aware they can give her all the information she needs about finding the source of all the bad goings on, known as the ‘Tower”.  

blood c last dark_old oneBlood-C: The Last Dark is a film sequel to the series Blood-C. If you’re a fan of the series then you will be happy because it is not forgotten in this film: there are very short flashbacks to Saya’s past, where she wore glasses and seemed carefree and happy. The reasons why she currently acts the way she does (as anyone who has watched the series will know about) are also frequently mentioned. But if you haven’t watched the series (as I didn’t), have no fear, you can very much watch the film without having seen that too. You can then decide for yourself whether you want to watch the series as well. I know I am going to now… 

I only have one criticism of the film: the ending. Now I don’t want to spoil the ending to a film I didn’t see coming, so I won’t. I will however say that when I reached this point, it was intriguing, and I didn’t expect any of it, so WHY END IT SO QUICKLY? I wanted more! More information! There was such a build up, and then there was the unexpected, and then ‘poof’! In no time it was resolved… I’m not asking for much, just a couple more minutes, please.

But that aside, you should watch this film. I am now off to watch the series…

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