The Simpsons Gets A Special Lego Makeover For 550th Episode


In three short days The Simpsons will be celebrating its 550th episode. It’s been reported that the special episode will be filmed entirely with Lego, giving a brand new makeover for the show. 

In the special, titled ‘Brick Like Me‘, we will see The Simpson family awaken in a mysterious Lego reality. This is sure to lead to a lot of funny jokes and scenarios. For example, the characters can literally break apart to tiny little pieces, and maybe now Bart could have a new catchphrase: “Eat my plastic shorts.”

Fox recently released a new trailer for the Lego spectacular episode and while the animation style clearly resembles the awesome Lego Movie, it’s still visually amazing to see these iconic cartoon characters interact with the Lego world (Comic Book Guy in particular looks great. It looks like he has been on a huge diet). The show has also used the Lego style to create some very humorous gags (Bart reducing his school to a pile of bricks is especially hilarious). Check out the new trailer and TV spot below:

This isn’t the first time that The Simpsons have travelled to a brand new world. In season seven we saw the episode ‘Treehouse of Horror VI‘, where Homer enters a 3D world and even ends up in the world of live action, West Hollywood. It seems that Lego is a big selling point at the moment, with The Lego Movie having taken over $450 million worldwide at the box office so far, and now we have this special television event, which reportedly took over two years to make. It is very likely that this special will pull in a lot of viewing figures. The episode airs on Sunday on Fox and Global. For many Simpsons fans, this could turn out to be the best episode the show has made for years.

What could be next after this episode airs? A Lego Simpsons game? A few Simpson cameos in the upcoming sequel to The Lego Movie? We can’t be sure yet. But for now, be prepared for The Simpsons Lego Spectacular.

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