Sherlock Will Not Return Until 2016


Sad news for fans of BBC’s Sherlock – Mark Gatiss, producer, writer and actor on the show, has confirmed that Sherlock definitely won’t return until 2016. After recent rumors that it would return in winter 2014 or sometime in 2015, Gatiss spoke up and informed fans at a recent Q&A in Brazil that it would be practically impossible to bring the hit series back anytime soon.

“Writing three films is quite a lot of work and then getting everyone together… [it’s] increasingly difficult to get everyone’s diaries to align, so we couldn’t really do more than three every couple of years I’m afraid.”

This is especially understandable when you consider that the show’s stars, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are in increasingly high demand as of late. They both worked on the massive trilogy The Hobbit directed by Peter Jackson, with Cumberbatch voicing the Necromancer and Smaug, plus doing the motion capture for the mighty dragon, and Freeman in the main role of Bilbo Baggins.  

Trying to find free time for the actors to film the 90-minute-long episodes would be difficult to say the least. Sadly, this may put an end to Martin Freeman’s hints of a Christmas special at the end of this year, but we can never quite be sure when Moffat and Gatiss are involved!

Sources: Mark Gatiss’ Q&A, Brazil | Mirror

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