WCW'S GREATEST PPV MATCHES VOL.1 Blu ray ReviewWith the WWE Network launching in recent months in the US, the demand for retro content is now higher than ever. Sadly it’s unavailable in the UK at the moment (officially) so these efforts from WWE Home Video are still very much appreciated by those fans who love watching WCW content. Here, we are treated to some of the best pay per view matches in the history of World Championship Wrestling, known for its high flying cruiserweight action, the NWO, and the icon Sting amongst many other highlights. The good news is that this is labelled Volume 1 so there should also be plenty more to come!

It’s hard to pick the ‘greatest’ matches from a company that existed for such a long time, and even dominated the industry for much of that. There is an eclectic mix on offer here, from matches you’ll have seen before but which are always worth watching again, to ones that have never been on DVD previously. Booker T makes an excellent host, having spent much of his career climbing the ranks in WCW as a tag team specialist and then as a solo champion. He knows many of the superstars involved and he’s a valuable man to have on board.

The set takes us through the ages, from stars like Dusty Rhodes and Ric Flair in their prime, to the more modern era of Goldberg and Hollywood Hogan. Depending on how you like your wrestling, it can be a bit hit or miss as there are so many different styles. The more methodical and traditional approach of a Rhodes or Flair isn’t anything like what we see on TV today, but the crowds of the time elevate the matches with their passion and enthusiasm. It’s not difficult to see how these men are viewed as legends today.

What’s interesting about sets like this is seeing men like Lex Luger who didn’t necessarily achieve everything they should have in WWE, but in WCW they were megastars at times. Here he works against Pillman and Windham, two men with very different styles, yet both matches are enjoyable. You also get to see men who did go on to do great things in WWE like Stunning Steve Austin and Cactus Jack, showcasing how they started and what they went through to get to the top. It’s an intriguing view into a specific time, and just how hard they worked to achieve their dreams.

Whether it’s a War Games match, Falls Count Anywhere or a Steel Cage match, there’s a lot of variety here. Stars like Bret Hart, Scott Steiner and DDP share the set with mid card acts like Jamie Knoble and the cruiserweights. This is what WCW was about, and this set sums it up perfectly – a complete mishmash of styles that didn’t always work, but often managed to be enjoyable. When it was hot like with Goldberg then it was on fire, but when it faltered it ended up being pretty bad. There’s a reason why WCW no longer exists, but this set is another reminder of why it succeeded for so many years. There’s just enough to keep people watching.

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