Cosplay Music Video For X-Men Guinness World Record Attempt

X-Men Cosplay (Andrei Guiamoy)

Usually when people think of a Monday, they think of the day they dread because of work, school or whatever other duty they have. However, Monday 12th May was a little bit different.

A group of cosplayers set out to set the Guinness World Record for the most X-Men cosplayers in one place. Unfortunately the record was not achieved, however that did not stop them from enjoying the rest of the day. They posed for many group, and single images, waited for the X-Men: Days of Future Past premiere and even shot a music video which parodied the Nickelback ‘Rockstar’ song.

With the ever growing interest in cosplaying, and more people, young and old, joining in, surely the future of cosplay is looking brighter.

Video created by Kay Ibrahim and Tyrone Tagaro (from Smile250 Network and LoveStrucked Productions)

Photo by Andrei Guiamoy Photography.

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