MCM Buzz launch MCM London Comic Con Prequel Comic

The MCM Buzz is proud to announce the launch of our exclusive MCM London Comic Con prequel comic. Written by MCM Buzz editor Stuart Claw, and co-written and illustrated by artist Claire Courtney, the story tells the tale of what Main Stage host Stuart Claw and MCM Cosplay host Granny Gertrude do to prepare for the show.

The idea originated from a post on Facebook asking for more images featuring the pair and quickly escalated into a full blown comic that is described by artist Courtney as having been, “soo much fun to work on,” and “full of references that I hope readers can pick up on.”

The comic marks the latest in a series of team ups between MCM Buzz and Courtney and can be read by clicking on the images below. What are your thoughts on this comic? What further adventures would you like to see from Granny Gertrude and Stuart Claw? Let us know in the comments below!

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