EuroCosplay 2014 UK Qualifier Winner Revealed

EuroCosplay May 2014 Qualifier Winner_edited

MCM London Comic Con hosted the EuroCosplay qualifier today, the winner of which goes on to represent the UK in the finals in October. Approximately 48 contestants took part hoping to be chosen and the standard of costumes were outstanding.

The competition was judged by The Killing Doll, Odango Chan, and Dez, all seasoned cosplayers who have won past competitions themselves. Before announcing the winner they chose the first and second runner ups, the best performance and selected two entries for the judge awards.

The judge awards went to Sammy who cosplayed Gundam 00 and Golden Mochi who was Laila from A Bride’s Story.

The best performance was won by a duo, Lorena and Romano who acted out a scene from Superman as the Man of Steel and a villainess.

Second runner up was Silantre who was Temple Jax from League of Legends.

First runner up was awarded to another duo, Angel and Si who are from Little Blonde Goth Cosplay. They took two months to make their costumes and it took them three hours to put it on this morning.

The overall winner going on to represent the UK later on this year is Lauren, who was Hana from CLAMP’s Gate 7. When asked how she felt when her name was announced she said, “Surprised! There are so many other people who I thought deserved to win – my favourite was Golden Mochi. I love meeting the other cosplayers; they are so friendly and such genuine people.” When we asked about her costume and she told us that the wig weighs 1.7kg and it took three bottles of wood glue to style!

The second preliminaries take place at MCM Manchester Comic Con in July.


Photo by John Shek (AKA Paper Cube)

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