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How would you like the chance to show off your nerdy knowledge on television? At this May’s MCM Comic Con London, Objective Productions (Peep Show, The Cube, Fresh Meat, The Real Hustle) is recruiting contestants for a brand new, geek-themed game show to be aired by a major broadcaster. On Friday, MCM Buzz caught up with a representative from the series to find out more.

Described as a “celebration of all things NERDY from science through to superheroes”, the as-yet unnamed show will see contestants go head-to-head in “battles of skill and wit”. So what can potential participants expect from the series?

“I think in some ways it’s completely unique because we take your typical game show/reality show and turn it on its head a bit. There’s a lot of comedy and there’s a lot of fun, so everybody who’s involved with it just has a good time making it and it’s not the typical, ‘pit people against each other’ sort of thing,” said Objective Productions’ Shannon Delwiche.

“Each episode will involve different tasks, challenges and quizzes – tests of people’s pop culture knowledge, maths skills, physics skills, sometimes spelling – it’s a bit of an intellectual challenge but at the same time a pop culture challenge. Sometimes you might be competing to solve a really tricky physics question and you may not be a physics type of person, you might be totally into Game of Thrones. But then, in the same episode you might be quizzed on dragons or fantasy weapons, so everybody gets an equal opportunity because there’s such a wide span of games and quizzes in the series”

According to Shannon, the final team will be made up of about 20 contestants, but for now they’re looking to get to know many, many more people than that, with as diverse a range of skills and interests as possible. Already, said Shannon, they, “have a lot of very intelligent people with eclectic hobbies and interests”.

“We’re also looking to break the mould of the typical person that you might find on TV,” she went on. “We want more interesting, extrovert, out-and-proud geeks and nerds.”

Though the dates have not been fixed, the show will hopefully start filming over the summer, ready for broadcast by the end of the year. Prizes for winning the title of Britain’s Greatest Geek have yet to be confirmed, but x is hoping that for perhaps the first time in game show history, they’ll be “allowing contestants to make up their own prize”:

“So it could be something like astronaut training, a zero gravity flight, or an internship at a big computer company in San Francisco. Things that you would need a lot of favours for, maybe,” she laughed.

So, who are they hoping will sign up over the weekend?

“I would encourage anyone who thinks that they would like a chance to win a big prize and just have a bit of fun to come and sign up. Don’t be afraid of being on TV and don’t think we’re looking for a particular type of person because we’re looking for a huge range of people. Come and check us out!”

Objective Productions will be hunting for nerdy contestants throughout the weekend. Anyone interested should sign up at their table at the convention. If you miss them there, you can also email or call 020 7202 2309.


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