All Things LEGO: Warner Bros TT “All Stars” Games Panel at MCM London Comic Con


*May contain spoilers*

At the Warner Bros TT “All Stars” games panel Arthur Parsons (LEGO Marvel Super Heroes), Graham Goring (LEGO Movie Videogame), James McLoughlin (LEGO The Hobbit) and Dan McCreadie (LEGO The Hobbit) talked about LEGOs latest three releases into the gaming world.

James McLoughlin talked first about how they went about developing the LEGO The Hobbit game and the difficulties they faced converting two movies into one game. The sheer depth and magnitude of the game shows just how much source material they had to work with. According to McLoughlin the most difficult thing was “making the storyline linear” as opposed to the multiple story lines that go on at the same time in the movies. They used a lot of the fan feedback from LEGO Lord of the Rings to help them develop and mould the new game towards the fan preferences.

Another complication was that the second The Hobbit movie The Desolation of Smaug was still in production while LEGO The Hobbit game was being made. The team got around this by having close contact with the movie production crew and even sending photos of sets to Peter Jackson himself who would give them personal feedback.

Next was Arthur Parsons who talked about creating an entire storyline from scratch. This, Parsons said, was the most fun and exciting bit. The way the story was devised was that it was decided first which Marvel characters would feature (there are over seven thousand) and the story was built around them. When asked what was his favourite bit about making the game he answered Stan Lee. Lee plays a big part in the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes game as a damsel in distress kind of character but later on also turns into Hulk Lee. Parsons told the crowd how huge it was for him to just be able to speak to Lee on the phone to get the voice acting done.

_MG_0737Last to speak was Graham Goring who worked on the LEGO Movie Videogame. Goring worked on LEGO City Undercover before moving straight onto the LEGO Movie Videogame so he managed to bring all the humour and fun and inject it into his new project. He reminisced about being able to work with some of the great actors and voice actors for the show and about how LEGO games give the ability and “freedom to put in silly jokes” and use so much slapstick humour. He commented on how much of a “joy it was to work on”.

All of the panelists talked about how difficult it was not to get carried away with the games and how difficult it was to round off the games because they wanted to add more and more. But the most important thing, according to McLoughlin, is to “know your audience and design for your audience not yourself”.


Photos by Kay Ibrahim.

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