MyM Issue 26 featuring Godzilla is out now!

Issue 26 of MyM, the official magazine of MCM Expo Group, is out now! 

We like to think that every issue of MyM is a monster issue, but this month that’s definitely true. Guillermo del Toro may have brought Kaiju back to the big screen last year but the daddy of all mega-monsters returns this month – and Godzilla looks pretty darn good for someone celebrating a 60th birthday.

We take an in-depth look at this real king of the beasts on page 20, looking back over a film career that previously ran to 29 movies. Ever the diva, Godzilla’s not done yet, though. With a lot of candles to blow out this birthday, he demanded a new movie as a present – and Monsters director Gareth Edwards was more than happy to oblige.

Before we hear from Edwards on page 23, we take a retrospective look at Gojira’s movies on page 20, including some surprising inclusions. Being something of a Godzilla flick connoisseur, we were amazed to find we’ve somehow missed a film where Japanese soldiers possess the creature’s dead body and go on a stomp spree back in their home country. That’s our next Friday night sorted.

While Godzilla might be the most iconic Kaiju, there are plenty of other super-sized foes that have lit up the silver screen over the years. Gamera is one of few to have achieved a status near to Godzilla’s, with his own run of movies – see page 26 for more on this mutant turtle. However, perhaps one of the most intriguing monsters is Daimajin, a mash-up of Kaiju and classic vengeful spirits from Japanese folklore. Our profile of this unusual protector begins on page 79.

Not to be outdone by these colossal creatures, the humble Sasquatch gets an update in writer/director Bobcat Goldthwait’s Willow Creek. We couldn’t resist asking him if he’s anything to do with the Police Academy reboot, given his involvement in the original series. With him behind the camera, a whole new monster could be born.

Matt Chapman
Editor, MyM

MyM 26 cover exclusive Godzilla image

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Director Gareth Edwards shares his plans to breathe fiery new life into the beast, revealing how the creature took on a life of its own during the script writing.

The greatest Kaiju who ever lived turns 60 this year and MyM celebrates his birthday in style with a look back over a 29-film legacy.

Turtle power existed long before sewer dwelling, pizza munching ninjas battled Shredder, and his name was Gamera. We take a look back at cinema’s second most famous Kaiju.

With a Blu-ray movie collection now available and new TV and manga adaptations on the way, we take a look at the great stone warrior Daimajin, the most unusual giant monster to emerge from Japan.

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Star Wars VII finally names its cast, the stars of the inaugural MCM Ireland Comic Con give their views on Dublin and Willow Creek director Bobcat Goldthwait talks Sasquatch hunting.

Our man on Planet Japan suggests a food festival to remember in Kitakyushu, reveals Obama’s vending machine takedown and suggests another Pokémon episode may be lost forever.

Braveheart turns 20, OneWheel is going places and we have exclusive Short Peace art books to give away. Meanwhile, album The Act Of Letting Go gives us one hell of an earworm – sing along everybody: “There’s no cloud cover, there’s no cloud cover in here.”

Katharine Byrne chats with a masked ninja from Canada, Annette Wilkinson shows why being a poser can be a good thing and Carlos Adama brings us more magnificent cosplay photography.

Saoirse Clohessy sends us her report from Enchanted, the world’s biggest celebration of Lolita and Japanese street style.

This month we’ve got a double dose of MMO fever, having spent some serious time in Tamriel with The Elder Scrolls Online, and we dived back into Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn with the PS4 version. Elsewhere, Demon Gaze and Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl kept us glued to our handhelds, alongside Kirby: Triple Deluxe and Mario Golf: World Tour. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle gave us a heady dose of glamour and love for a series that doesn’t get out West much, while Hometown Story didn’t spin us the yarn we were hoping for.

It’s exam time for a class full of anime this month, with Blue Exorcist: The Movie, Fate/Zero, Magi: The Labyrinth Of Magic and the original Dragon Ball among the students looking to make the grade, while fanservice-happy series High School DxD and Ikki Tousen: Great Guardian giggle in the back row. Professor Miyazaki also puts in an appearance, as we rate StudioCanal’s new Bluray release of Princess Mononoke along with a second collection of his essays and talks, Turning Point.

The latest Godzilla movie stomps into view, making the rest of the films out this month seem a little small. Still, there’s plenty to like amongst the dramas (The Dirties, The Truth About Emanuel), docs (Birth Of The Living Dead), hero pics (Robocop) and headscratchers (Mood Indigo, Koyaanisqatsi/Powaqqatsi).

Singer/songwriter Paul Terry – AKA Cellarscape – doesn’t stop with the job titles there, compiling temp tracks for Bond films and writing books about major TV shows along the way. He talks exclusively to MyM about his latest album.

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