MCM London Comic Con claims title of largest event of its type in the UK!

MCM London Comic Con (Boulevard-Friday-J-Po)

The MCM Buzz can report that following last weekend’s MCM London Comic Con, the organisers have revealed that May’s event has reached another milestone, with the announcement that over 100,000 people attended!

The final number of 101,600 is an increase of over 31,500 on the May 2013 event and an increase of over 13,600 on the October 2013 event. “This has been the most successful MCM London Comic Con on record – in fact, the largest event of its kind ever held in the UK,” said show co-organiser Bryan Cooney.

This event also saw the show expand and take over more of the ExCeL Centre than ever before, increasing certain areas of the event. A fact that is echoed in a statement by show co-organiser, Paul Miley, “This latest show saw us respond to public demand by expanding our online video, eSports and Asian culture offerings. And when we return in October, the show will be even bigger and better!”

One thing that is certain however is that if this trend continues then the figures for the group’s next London event, scheduled for October 24th-26th, could well be even higher!

To book your tickets for this and indeed all of the MCM Comic Con events visit here.

Don’t forget you can also check out all of our video coverage from the weekend on the MCM Buzz YouTube channel and a selection of images on our Facebook page too.


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  1. Kate says:

    “…respond to public demand by expanding our online video, eSports and Asian culture offerings…”
    OH DEAR GOD NO!!! There was WAY TOO MUCH Pop Asia stuff! And why the hell was eSports stuff there at all???

    • Sarah says:

      Because eSports is a hugely growing industry and League of Legends alone is the biggest game in the world right now with over 27 million daily players, so it naturally makes sense to add it into an event, especially when the game sector of it is growing itself. Just because it may not interest you, does not mean it doesn’t interest other people 🙂

      • A Fristtimer says:

        Yeah . . .but it isn’t exactly comics is it? Had it been an enetertainment con, then it would be fine.

        • Sarah says:

          It’s a media and comics convention, games/esports/youtube/movies etc all fall into the media category. There are loads of other events which are specifically comics or sci-fi, MCM tends to be a good mix of everything. eSports has been at MCM for a year now and has proven a successful addition so there’s no reason for it to disappear tbh.

  2. Nick says:

    It may have been bigger but it was very poorly organised from our perspective. We got there early and ended up queuing to get in for almost 4 hours, leaving us with about an hour and a half in the actual event before it closed. There were 5 people selling tickets when we got to the front which was no where near enough for kind of volume of expo-goers. Really ruined our Saturday and couldn’t enjoy the experience because of it.

    • Liz says:

      There was loads of people next time instead of complaining just prebook a ticket :/

      • Nick says:

        I have attended Expo for the last 6 years and have never been in a queue like that so never have wanted to prebook tickets, the longest I have ever queued for before May would be an hour and a half.

    • Squid says:

      even with prebooked tickets, the lines were insane

      • liz says:

        i know…but this guy wasnt prebooked. only reason i know that is coz we got there about 8/9 on sat and someone i was with had prebooked, they got in pretty quickly

    • Izzi says:

      Lots of people have complained about queueing but that happens with all
      conventions if you don’t get there early enough. We got there at half
      past 8 in the morning and the line was already longish, but since we
      booked priority tickets we were able to get in within about 5 minutes.

  3. […] Conventions | MCM London Comic Con have announced that 101,600 people attended the May 23-25 show, which is being dubbed “the largest event of its kind ever held in the U.K.” That figure represents an increase of more than 31,500 from the May 2013 installment, and 13,600 from the October show. [MCM London Comic Con] […]

  4. Yuzuki says:

    Hearing all this stuff about the queuing makes me glad I attended on the Friday, although we still had to wait a couple of hours and they opened half an hour later than stated. We missed a lot of events by going on the Friday but the cheerfulness of the other attendees made up for it, best day out ever!

  5. Belgian MCM-visitor says:

    The queue on Saturday from the DLR was very long (almost up until the platform of the DLR) at 10:00. Also very chaotic… Already wearing a wristband for the weekend, it was unclear where weekend ticket holders had to go, since they were queueing along with day ticket holders… Is there a better/option for next time?

    • matt says:

      We did that then got back on the dlr and went 1 stop to the previous station which was royal Victoria, this allowed us to walk up to the main entrance and get guided through the system to the correct queue for weekend ticket holders

  6. Jezza says:

    We got there around 10.30 and got in about just after 12 with General Tickets, the Q were long.
    The bad part is that there wasn’t enough space, you could barely move around the stalls, I hate to think if there had been an emergency what would have happened.

  7. Daniel Mansfield says:

    was there for full weekend strolled in on friday with no q,s sat and sun walked strait in also, i guess coming in from east side instead of train stop allowed us to talk to marshels to find out where to go helped but signs for weekend ppl was an item that was missing. sat was insainly busy but best cosplay day had awsome time at event hoping to go again in october

  8. Miss Nano says:

    Friday was great, But Saturday was not so good had a priority ticket, my brother was pushing me in a wheel chair. And my nephew who 5 went, they told us to join that line in the middle. People where really nice but it was claustrophobic with lots of people round you and watching a little one. It took us about an hour and a half to get in. There needs to be more staff to handle that kind of number of people to make it safer. Thank you to all the people who was so nice to us for letting us by!!

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