Stargate reboot announced, to be made into trilogy.

stargate imageThis one should mean something to anyone born in the 1990s: the hit franchise Stargate is officially getting a ‘reimagining’ in the form of a reboot movie, to be followed by two further films. The original creators, Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin, having formerly worked together on other films such as Independence Day and Godzilla (1998) as well as the original Stargate, have teamed up once again with financial backing from MGM and Warner Bros to create the trilogy of films that they had reportedly always wanted to make.

This new announcement comes at a time in which both Emmerich and Devlin are mired in other work. The sequel to their other smash-hit from the 1990s, Independence Day, is edging along, although that isn’t due for release until June 1st 2016, so don’t hold your breath for this coming out any time soon. Both Emmerich and Devlin have, however, made their excitement about the recent announcement made known on Twitter, with Emmerich writing, ‘Stargate, I’ve missed you. Looking forward to catching up. Love, Roland’.

The original film grossed almost $200 million as well as spawning several spin-off TV shows, the most well-known being Stargate SG-1, which ran for 214 episodes. It will be interesting to see to what extent they choose to return to the Ancient Egyptian themes as shown in the original film, or whether it will be something completely different. The TV shows have shown that the Stargate technology gives the characters the ability to go to pretty much anywhere the creators choose, so the well of potential is huge, especially with three films’ worth of material.

While we shouldn’t expect this to be released any time soon, this does leave plenty of time to go wild with casting and plot speculation. Will Kurt Russell return? Will the TV shows be acknowledged at all? Only time will tell.

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