TOPP DOGG go classical with “AmadeuS”

After our exclusive interview with TOPP DOGG in February, our good friends over at Stardom Entertainment have sent us some great news that TOPP DOGG will be returning with a third album by the name of “AmadeuS“. If the title of the album rings a bell, its because it is the name of the famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and if their teasers are anything to go by, it seems that Mozart himself has been an inspiration for the new album.

On May 23rd, Stardom Entertainment released the first of their teaser trailers with the help of member B-joo. Donning period inspired hip-hop clothing, and a new “poodle” hair style, B-joo takes on the role as a conductor with the help of Mozart’s music. Accompanying B-joo in the next teaser was fellow member Hansol, who brings a more aggressive and dark portrayal of a composer. It seems like there are two different styles being shown, and maybe some form of a “play off” between the two will be seen. Both members are known for their dancing skills, and its good to see that Stardom Entertainment are using this to show a modern aristocratic version of a musical genius. Along with the teaser videos for the new single, a few teaser photos were released as well to keep the excitement high amongst fans. You can check these pictures out on the MCMBuzz Facebook page.


TOPP DOGG are known in Korea for having 13 members and put into group categories such as Dragon: P-Goon and Sangdo. Knight: Kidoh, Nakta and A-tom. Lion: Yano, Jenissi, Seogoong and Gohn. Wizard: Xero, Hansol, B-joo and Hojoon. Recently Stardom Entertainment announced they would have another group category titled “UnderDogg“, in which an extra three members, Jiwon, Andy and Caven, will be added to the major group at some point, bringing the group’s number up to 16.

On May 29th Stardom Entertainment released a surprise teaser video of the upcoming release “Top Dog“. Keeping with the theme of classical music, the TOPP DOGG members bring a new hip-hop take and combine classical with rap, bringing a fresh new style to the world of Korean music. The full video is set to drop on June 9th, where we can see all the members showing their charismatic personalities!

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